Time to update my ! Hello everyone, I'm Allie, 27, a cottage and astro witch, astrologer and diviner. My current research topics include Celtic (Gaulish/German) mythology, runic magic and astrological transits & cycles.

I love to talk witchy with new people, so don't hesitate to hit me up anytime! 😄

@Allie hi! you mentioned astrology? i was wondering if you could tell me more please, i'm pretty new

@ratty_boy I mean yes no problem, but you'll have to be more precise in what you want to know more about! Astrology is such a broad subject that even beginner books are huge. =)

So what kind of things would interest you? Simply what is astrology? How to read a chart, what is an horoscope, that kind of thing? Or maybe more about where the planets are right now and if/how it affects us?

@Allie probably planets. i'm less into horoscopes

@ratty_boy Alright so the basics: all the planets are important in a chart reading. Those are the classical planets (including Pluto) + Sun and Moon, since those are also called planets in astrology.

The closer the planet is to Earth, the faster it moves. So the Moon needs 28-29 days to travel through the zodiac, while Uranus will take more than 80 years doing so.

This means that the slowest planets are in the same signs for a lot of people, while the fastest are more personal. 1/?

@ratty_boy Each planet represents a way of seeing and interacting with the world. So each of them is one facet of yourself.

The Sun is your ego, your outward personality, the way people who know you (like family members and friends, but not the closest ones) would describe you.

The Moon is the way you feel, the way you respond emotionally to the world. It's also the way your close partners and friends would describe you.

Venus is the way you love, the way you appreciate beauty and art. 2/?

@ratty_boy Mercury is the way you think, study, and communicate.

Mars is the way you act, how you impact the world, how you act when angry as well.

Jupiter and Saturn positions are common to people born a few years around your birthdate, so they're less personal.
Jupiter is where you find to expand yourself, where you're lucky (= finding opportunities) ; Saturn is where you are restricted, where you limit yourself, where you're responsible. 3/?

@ratty_boy Uranus, Neptune and Pluto's positions are common to your generation.
Uranus is where you're rebelling, where seek to reinvent yourself and the world, to break the old to make place for new things.

Neptune is where you're confused, but also where you're the most open to spiritual experiences. It can show what you're ready to sacrifice.

Pluto is where you change. Uranus shakes your world ; Pluto utterly destroys it and opens up your raw soul. It shows the path, makes you evolve. 4/5

@ratty_boy I kept to the planets in signs for this: the positions of the planets in houses is deeply personal, even for the most remote ones.

So I'd suggest to take your chart, focus first on the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), and compare with your behaviour. You can also take a friend's chart as example. This way, the way each planet express itself in a sign will be easier for you to understand and remember.


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