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I'm Smokie, a 30yr old practitioner from Western Canada. I'm a nerd for research and collect antique, rare and small print occult books.

My practice is constantly evolving, but these days I'm primarily focused on divination, shadow work, and hedge magic.

I write code for my day job. I live with three cats, three royal pythons, and a library with a personality. When I have free time, I like to draw things. Maybe we can be friends.

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Power was knocked out by a wind storm, so I’m doing my candle ritual for the new year, tonight. Utilitarian witchcraft: now I can see AND focus my intent for the coming months 😅

Just bought the Starman Tarot and it is hot garbage. I’ve never been more disappointed with a deck. I wonder if I can return it?

What are you guys doing for Solstice? I’ll be on the plane during the actual “time” but am thinking of doing something small when I land.

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Tomorrow is my last day of work before I leave for two weeks of TROPICAL VACATION. I am taking a sack full of books and my journal and tablet, and I am going to art and read and study my craft and have a totally great time I’m so excited.

Joy based insomnia is so weird.

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Want a tarot deck that features non-white, queer, disabled, and plus-size bodies? Check out the Numinous Tarot!

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If someone could cheat on Beyoncé, maybe infidelity has nothing to do with your adequacy as a person or partner.

Daily Draw 

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Daily tarot: the Hermit, Ostara Tarot 

Mood: listening to Moana’s “Shiny” on repeat

My cat knows how to Chill 

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I've made a few spreads, but this is the only one I've done that I've put on social media.

I really love this one.

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I'm going to start pulling a card for the energy of the week!
This week I used the Radiant Cosmos Oracle by @lyrium

Blue Giant
Enthusiasm, passion, intensity

This is the week to follow your passions! Do what makes you feel good and let your joy spill over into other areas of your life!

Daily Tarot draw, Ostara Tarot 

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Work +, “pray” for me 

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