Lasercut sigil to reduce anxiety and increase happiness. It hangs at the highest point in my living room, now. I think I might keep making these, it’s very pretty and my visitors think it’s art.

@Altarsmoke this is so gorgeous! can I ask what material it's made out of?

@goodbonestarot it’s a birch wood plank like for crafting, I made the sigil as a vector I. Photoshop and then had a laser cutter at the local maker space cut it out :)

@Altarsmoke that's so amazing! If you ever make more and are selling them pls post here bc I want one!

@goodbonestarot 🤔 ok! It never occurred to me that people might want to buy them! I’ll see if I can make a few at a reasonable rate!

@Altarsmoke that is absolutely gorgeous! it is indeed art as well as a sigil.

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