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yall i just physically copy and pasted everything from a million pdfs cause i love all of you. It's not super neat and i just separated the sections but you can copy all of this and fix it up as you want.

Please tell me you can see this. There are all sorts of recipes for shampoo, detergent, wood polish etc.

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Hello, nice to meet all of you. The use of animal spirits and connecting with them is vital to my craft. I speak with them and they speak through me. I collect all sorts of oddities and goodies. Bones and animal pelts are essential to me.

My phone had an update and I've never seen the coffin emoji and my goth ass is excited

Hey just a reminder that if you see lightning flashes in your vision and/or floaters (large glowy orb thingkes).It can be a serious case of retinal detachment.

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@Animalmagic Chickory Root and Barley crushed together is pretty good. But you gotta have the chickory if you want it to be earthy and anything coffee-like.

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I remember some ppl on here talking about how they cant drink coffee and I wanted to let you know that there are coffee substitutes that are made from a type of barley. They're pretty good tbh and you could probably find them at a health food store or a suppliment store.

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ugh there is a book on greek and roman necromancy i want

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Since I've been home sick. I worked on my new and improved black banishing oil. Heres my receipe for all of you
-snake bones
-porcupine quills
-black seed
-black pepper corns
-chilli peppers
-sage oil
-camphor oil
-in a base of almond oil

Tomorrow is


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This Friday is my witches


I called trump a Cheeto and he exploded on the spot and now everyone has health insurance and all the polar bears are living peacefully in Oprah Winfrey's mansion, epic #TheResistance

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