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yall i just physically copy and pasted everything from a million pdfs cause i love all of you. It's not super neat and i just separated the sections but you can copy all of this and fix it up as you want.

Please tell me you can see this. There are all sorts of recipes for shampoo, detergent, wood polish etc.

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Hello, nice to meet all of you. The use of animal spirits and connecting with them is vital to my craft. I speak with them and they speak through me. I collect all sorts of oddities and goodies. Bones and animal pelts are essential to me.

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What's the point if I dont look like a fortune teller 24/7? Lol I cant wear this choker to work because it's a little too tight and wearing it for 8 hrs is gonna suck but I love it

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idk how tf pendulums work but they do and it freaks me TF out. its wild

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possibly triggering. my mom's behaviour pt 1 Show more

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alright thats all the lord of the rings oracle things im doing for now, maybe i will do more next week

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Hello all! I am Robin and I have been off and on witch since 2008. I just migrated here from Tumblr and hope to get to know y'all! I still consider myself a newbie witch so I have much to learn. I am a hard polytheist devotee to 11 Gods (Loki, The Morrigan, Persephone, Hekate, Hermes, Dionysos, Apollon, Bast, Sutekh, Anup, and Djehuti (patron is Bast *waves to mother Bast*)). Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of y'all!

Anyone want me to do another lord of the rings Oracle map reading? Basically I have a Map of middle earth and I ask the pendulum where you are in life (mines of moria, the shire etc)

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Danny, 24 year old green witch who grew up and is living in Alaska. I'm Agender and use They/them pronouns. I casually worship the norse gods, primarily Freyr, Skadi, and Loki, although my spirituality is more in line with Animism. I love animals, winter time and the snow, and really anything nature. I'm experimenting in tarot and runes. I post a lot about my Alaskan Husky Pax and the dogs at the doggie daycare I work at. I'm pretty bad at being consistantly social.

Haven't been on here for a bit but might as well hop on the bandwagon

I'm Breanna, i'm a fairly casual practicer of green and cottage witchcraft. I've been trying to learn Tarot for about 2 years now but haven't been able to commit enough to make much progress. Folk practices are my jam, mostly because simple charms and warding are all i can manage while going to school full time but occasionally i'll throw together something more elaborate. :_cactus:

Lily, Queer Lokean living in Mass. I'm gender queer, may be Agender. They/them. Devotee to Loki. I worship Freyja, Thor, Freyr, Mani, Odin. New Deity showed up, Nott. I'm in diviner burn out. So currently on a YA book buying kick while I recover. I use they/them for Loki at all times. I'm Panromantic and either Asexual, Demisexual or Greysexual. I'm a mess via autism, depression and axenity disorder.

Hello! I'm Dwarf! I am a bigender (She/He) witch. I'm rather new to this whole mastodon thing, but I'm from tumblr originally. I practice witchcraft and am researching some more traditional practices, but usually create my own spells and the like. I also study chaos magic, practice divination, and highly curious about conjuration. I am also pagan and an animist! Once I move out of my current area, I plan on crafting wands and staves!

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