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yall i just physically copy and pasted everything from a million pdfs cause i love all of you. It's not super neat and i just separated the sections but you can copy all of this and fix it up as you want.

Please tell me you can see this. There are all sorts of recipes for shampoo, detergent, wood polish etc.

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Hello, nice to meet all of you. The use of animal spirits and connecting with them is vital to my craft. I speak with them and they speak through me. I collect all sorts of oddities and goodies. Bones and animal pelts are essential to me.

Getting ready to repaint my whole room. The change feels great

Anyone want a fehu and mjolnir necklace? 

god i come from a long line of coffee drinkers and i must always have coffee. at least a cup a day, i dont ever surpass 2. Im a huge coffee snob too. my love for coffee is undying

Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>


I'm having a sale in my etsy store.

Im trying to get rid of a few things.

me rushing from one distraction to another so I don't have to be alone with my thoughts or improve myself in any way

I'm having a sale in my etsy store.

Im trying to get rid of a few things.

some ppl think this is tacky but im gaudy and extra and i love this. it reminds me of being a rich empress with more money than she knows what to do with

oh i have an excellent candle holder for my chime candles now

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