I can't wait until cities are just big buildings surrounded by plants like this. and everything is recyclable and clean air and we live harmoniously with the environment. Sign! One can dream

@Animalmagic although this looks like a scene from "The Last of Us" or "Annihilation" 😅

@Animalmagic that looks like a rendering- Sydney actually has a real one of these

@Animalmagic it looks way greener in real life. the mirror array panel in the centre has individual cams for each mirror. it could be a death ray if it wanted to! at night it’s a dazzling led light show. the glass roofs collect rain water. when you’re inside it’s all ripply like a swimming pool. i eat lunch here regularly.

@Animalmagic these things have serious engineering challenges. the plants are living things that need constant maintenance. the worst problem is getting enough sunlight on all sides (so you have mirrors) the water and soil adds weight you need to account for in the structural engineering. it’s an epic achievment and a lot of ongoing work.

@Animalmagic This aesthetic but with the streets having been transformed into public places and stations for high-speed high-availability public transport

@Animalmagic There's a lot of "social" that needs to change along with it. I've visited Arcosanti, back when it was beginning, you should also look at "Oath of Fealty" to see bigger tech/social/economic issues - it *can* be done

@Animalmagic We’ll get there, “A flower for each resident, & a bouquet to the city.” 💐 One Central Park Sydney by Jean Nouvel + PTW #arkiAU #architecture 🇦🇺


A beautiful dream in a world where old rich people are using their wealth to force nations to keep burning coal...

@Animalmagic Looks fine, but I don’t see it real ever

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