Caption text:
A bottle of coke labeled "gaming community"
A hand holding several mentos labeled "a single gay character"

@Animalmagic huh? i thought am characters in overwatch are gay??

They use the sexuality of this charakter for marketing purposes. That is the main issue here. Nobody fckng cares that he is gay...

@R10T dude...that's dumb. You know how many times they use nearly naked women and their sexuality to market a game? They arent using it to market it..its like one line lmao about some past lover

Besides the fact that the most known charakter (Tracer) is gay too, they promote the 'looks' of the women, not the sexual orientation. A ton of normal people don't care about the lore of the characterss in a fps without any storyline.

I can't speak for the whole gaming community since the gaming community is a really toxi place, but Blizzard have had hard times recently and need some 'good' publicity.

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