I'm selling this rose quartz heart in resin for 10 dollars. Its "defective" meaning some of the resin did not cover a spot on the heart. You can kind of see in the picture

Partial fox pelt I am selling Show more

So I listed these cuties for sale. 10 dollars each. Only shippable to Canada sorry

Omg yall I'm so happy with how this turned out. Now I gotta figure out how to do this another 9 times lmao

Got this kind of rain poncho thing? Pic of me Show more

And here is the ring!!! All of them are sized so u can get a candle with ur ring size. (I wanna go back and get the bath fizz with a necklace) this is sterling silver and real opal. Its orb shaped. It's cute tbh. cant go wrong for 24 dollars

I got this lovely home made perfume oil..reminds me of clean linen and flowers

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