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Etsy thing 

Bf stuff. Mgtow mention. Yikes his friend 

Bf stuff. Mgtow mention. Yikes his friend 

Dark magic/ demons 


Christianity. My moms altar 

Etsy idea 

Etsy idea. Real bones 

Anyways I got into a creative mood 

Family stuff (-) 

I've been staring at this book in Amazon for a while and I finally decided to get it.

#fortunefriday thingy I'm selling. Real fur 

Since I've been home sick. I worked on my new and improved black banishing oil. Heres my receipe for all of you
-snake bones
-porcupine quills
-black seed
-black pepper corns
-chilli peppers
-sage oil
-camphor oil
-in a base of almond oil

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