@localtownwitch yup. Succulents in general need direct sunlight. You can take a very sharp clean knife (maybe an x-acto knife) and just cut away the dead leaves. The dead ones usually get dry and wrinkly anyways and if they're like that I usually just pick them off lol

@localtownwitch etoilated means they dont have a lot of sun and start "stretching" up to get light. Ok sounds like they have good light. Maybe the bottom leaves need to be removed because they're drooping. The leaves could be dying off.

@localtownwitch no offence but they look a little etoilated. Are they facing direct or indirect light?

Pics of the moon we took last night when the skies miraculously cleared :_night: put three shots next to eachother

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Some right wing jerk: "I value intelligence, logic and reason".

The same jerk: "Jews are trying to take over the world!!!"

like as soon as a woman talks its "feminist shit" lmao. like stfu

woman in a youtube video: *talks about her interests and things that affect her in life*

Some jackass: "I did not watch this video to hear feminist dribble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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a video on dogs in ancient rome and there is a list of common names ppl used to name their dogs


im probably gonna be making spell bottles with that sage that im gonna sell :)

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