Omg they are are gonna be tracking and weighing the peregrine Falcons that live on our buildings and I can go watch them tag and weigh them in the next building next week

@boobs_idiot orcs in warhammer dont even have gender. they reproduce like spores. So technically they could decide to be female if they wanted?lmao. Big buff orcs

@KaylinEvergreen heck yes:) there are also tons of different variations of the slaanesh symbol online

The imperium hates her: one easy trick to convince your friends to join chaos

I just converted everyone to the side of chaos lmao

Hot take: slaanesh is only considered chaos because she does not conform to gender stereotypes and seeks to destroy it

Spicy warhammer 40k take: Slaanesh is a trans queen goddess and has a large queer army.

Wowww GoT final season was completely spoiled for me thanks to some people on Instagram 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ why is GoT so bad with spoilers...

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@c0debabe omg thank you!!!!!!! 65 dollars though 🤔 i'll have to think about it

@frameacloud yea, im looking for a good set like that one, augfhhds

@kara_dreamer right? i want stones with planetary symbols on it :/ so hard to find

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