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@pinkcatminht imagine burning that thing for real? i wanna do that some day

Reddit snark 

Suicide ment. 

I only take fashion advice from lesbians

Where can I get a shirt that says "the future is female" ?


@anna @toilet gamer toilet only in RGB pls or it's not a true gamer toilet

UwU in the streets but OwO in the sheets

Sometimes I get annoyed when ppl on reddit make posts about how they were SO good and nice to employees. Like congrats for having basic human decency??? Want a cookie??? Like bad customers should be shamed but gloating for just doing a general thing that is expected is not special

I'm :sparkles_nb: ​PlushPunk​:sparkles_nb: and so can you! Here's what it takes:

🔶 Be ✨soff✨ (gentle with others) but also 💪stronk💪 (willing to stand up for and defend others)
🔶 Always offer a hand up to those in need when possible
🔶 Center the needs of minorities first in all circumstances
🔶 Nazis get ✨paffed✨ in the face

:sparkles_nb:​PlushPunk​:sparkles_nb: is a leaderless movement of radical kindness. If you feel an affinity to it, we welcome you with open arms. :blobhug:

Oh yeah!! #florespondence

There’s also some tree blossoms around but I wasn’t able to take a picture at the time

Also happy everyone! If anyone missed my special discount code for my store its 13OFF
This code is only for everyone here

So instead of dumb April fools day..let's celebrate Veneralia which is actually a celebration of Venus that literally falls on the same day

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