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This Friday will be

Get your cute butts ready


Body image (+) 

people will be like "oh that x type of religious person will do this ritual isnt that so nice!" but then we get looked at like we're fucking insane and not deserving of the same respect and understanding.

the thing that bothers me is a lot of people are not respectful with witch craft and any rituals/spells we do. people think its a joke most of the time and that we are just edgy. Like this is a legit spiritual practice, have some respect.

i really love being able to give an old pelt a new life/purpose. im gonna be making curio bottles with his fur.

Stinky pelt update 

It's 2019 let's stop using "autistic" as an insult

"""Scary gay agenda""" 

Spicy politics 

mental health (~) 

etsy stuff 

my bf (+) 

Blood mention 

IBS stuff/ food 

I love thots and hoes.
I'm tired of all these words being made up to shame women who fuck.
Thots and hoes are great

stinky pelt update 

monster hunter 

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