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i'll never forget that Alpha and Omega was a movie, that will forever be embedded in my mind

credit is fucking fake y'all! it's a scam! I literally see people who are experts on this shit go "oh well you can do this this and this but even if you never miss a payment and your payments are all in full, which is the proven time tested method, it's impossible to predict if your score will go up." like what the fuck! it's all a lie, hell even interest as a concept is considered a fucking sin in islam

what i'm saying is let's find the docs and burn 'em


For #fortunefriday I'm gonna go ahead and share my awesome vintage style Moon sticker design B) I have some other witchy things in my art shop also B)



Whoever ordered from me thank you 💖🌸💖🌸 I'll be able to ship it on monday

Hey, if anyone wants to help out a broke witch out in doing a #tarot reading sale! You can choose between my Harmonius Tarot and my Wild Unknown Tarot. I will email you the spread with pictures, description, and interpretation

New Year Spread: $10
12 card spread to give a general idea of the new year

New Year +: $20
New Year Spread with 24 cards giving advice for each month.

Basic 3 Card: $5
3 card spread with 2 clarifiers.

I have CashApp Venmo and Paypal, plz help a witch out 💚

I wanna do a small ritual/spell maybe but I cant because my room is a mess and I gotta get fixed up tomorrow so i can do one finally

Hey folks ! For this I wanted to share my insta for my shop, Into The Cave Creations. The link to my Etsy is in the bio 😊

What level witch craft do I need to unlock these shoes?

Happy everyone!!


You can post things you're selling or looking to buy

For here is a link to my shop. I have mini treasure chests for sale and more!

Blocking anyone who wants to start "gamer" discourse with me because of that post lmao

Hello, my sister took a picture of Artemis statue in a museum here in Rome, I thought would be nice to share it for those of you who pray Her (or don't).

I'm really obsessed with chai tea now. But I dont put milk I it cause I can't drink milk lmao also I dont like to put anything in my teas


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