Today is the full moon and I’m actually prepared for it. I’m doing a small ritual. I’m so excited about it also bc i haven’t talked to Selene for a loooooong time. ​:_catblob:

@Pwash I’ve research about it but I still can’t grasp it. I guess the part I’m really stuck is how do you know where to go or how do you return into your body?

Does anyone astral travel here? how long did it took you to go into the astral plane?

Work +++ 

A chance of flooding hmm.. just when I’m going to temporarily work in that crappy laundromat again :_storm:
Anyways i love storms.

cw concentration camps 

vent, acephobia 

Celebrating Kallynteria & Plynteria by throwing away my whole existence UWU 

Aww man I wanted to ground myself and do some energy practice but for a second I thought my hamburger was breathing :| I need sleep so I’ll do my practice in the morning :_catsleep:

The story behind this is that the Ecuadorean government tried to sell Amazon lands to oil companies for drilling. The Waorani, who live on those lands, took them to court over it, and they won.

The ruling "has created a significant precedent for the Amazon," said Lina Maria Espinosa, attorney for the plaintiffs, outside court.

"It has been demonstrated that there was no consultation and that the state violated the rights of this people, and therefore of other peoples."

Although my glasses are broken and I need to study I’m feeling pretty confident. Sky dad Zeus is the reason behind it! Woke up this morning to thunder which sounded so soothing to me. :_storm: :_catmelt:
Off to study now!

I wrote this about self-diagnosis after I saw a hateful post about it on my Witchy tumblr feed.

Respect self-diagnosed people, talk with them, be kinder and learn about it instead of spreading hate that doesn't help anyone.

I explain this better here:

I don’t deserve Athena!
She’s so gentle with me. :_blushhearts: although I procrastinate a lot she just shakes her head a little but she’s still encouraging me to finish my assignment. I lover so much.

@nightshadeandroses energy work only but nothing fancy bc finals and due dates are creeping up :_grim:

Ssstres! Gonna sleep now 

Today was stressful but knowing humans have capture a black hole on film is keeping me from getting off the positivity train. My mind goes wild every time I think about it. Humans are cool. :_stars:

If you live in the capitalistic hellscape that is America and need insulin or know someone who needs it, here's a lifesaving link to a manufacturer's coupon that can bring the price of insulin to $0. :boost_ok:

Speaking of crows, friendly reminder that survival of the fittest doesn’t mean strongest, crows keep on by keepin together

It's Transgender Day of Visibility and also World Backup Day today. Both are about resilience to that which would erase and reminding us not to lose sight of what's important and precious to us. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this toot but if you're transgender and/or backing your shit up you're doing great :heart_trans:

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