Being afraid for your life while growing up just does something to you. So many times that woman screamed at me"You're going to die L, you're going to DIE!! GET HOME! You're sick, L, SICK!" which in turn made me terrified that something was actually wrong with me.
Then the stories of "You know, my mom once drove me out to nowhere and pulled a gun on me saying it was her or me and I had to pick which one of us died..... Hey L want to go for a drive through some farmland?" That drive was too much.

Vinegar and cayenne tell me to exorcise all negativity but also to not remain neutral.

What if I no longer love spicy food once I'm better? Lol I doubt it but then I'll know I'm.. better lol.

But damn I can't live without cayenne and vinegar in my blood, esp. to fight off my bad luck that hopefully isn't in full swing anymore.

I learned today that Homer Simpson is my spirit animal.

Dream/sign (1) 

Acetone correspondences?

I would think of it as something useful against situations or people that simply wont budge (really difficult or stubborn situations).
I also see it as something to remove "masks" of true self or glamours.

Do you have any acetone correspondences?

I'm running out of options for defense at this point.
Woke up this morning to my grandmas presence in my house and all hell broke loose. It feels like her or me at this point just when I think I'm safe then shes back. But thats her favorite nick name -Jaws.

Just wtf?
I get the curse dealt with for her to have more energy to throw at me because she hates me?
Is binding her too negative at this point?

Tomorrow I've got some paperwork to send out.
Then I have a few short stories to write and send in for a writing job. I know what I can do. Wish me luck loves 💚 :_witchhat: :_candles: 📗 👽

Date night I think though I've barely slept.


Please help, send a vibe or 2 (1) 


I hope all of you are well lately! I've been healing quite a bit, except tomorrow is a family reunion. So we're meeting a sister put up for adoption. dope af. My own sister (share a bday) was adopted out and I'm legally not allowed to talk to her. Its pretty sad for me, how this fam member was to be like "oh I have a sister, come meet her" when I live with this ea bday, and often wonder about her. Oh well, I'm not a fam person anyway and will spend tomorrow writing by myself @ the park.
<3 yall!

food, cravings, menses 

Is it ever too early to plan and prep for ?📗



hmm fam/life 


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