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have a nice womans day yall. and week, and year, and woman's entirety concept of time. Because fighting the patriarchy transcends chrnological concepts.

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Today's gender is the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

lord i wish it was easy to find more witches in my area, its like as if my enormous city is somehow dry of any

i like how i'm always saying i'm gonna go forth and finally start trying to find my animal guide and have yet to actually do it :_catsad:

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jdsfhgkjg i wanna go do cute stuff with my boyfriend but today, of all days, just HAD to be his birthday lmaooooo holiday bdays suck and he makes sure to remind me of it every year

sidenote if anybody ever needs any glass bottles for whatever, Michael's craft store sells a really nice variety of styles for like a dollar

i love how as soon as i put a bottle out to collect rain water, the storm we've been having for like a week now decides to stop :_catmad: :_catmad: :_catmad:

what demon or deity do i gotta make a sacrifice/offer for to make some friends

A brief guide to choosing botanical names for your child 🌸

✅ Violet
✅ Amaranth
✅ Zinnia
✅ Rose
✅ Ivy

❎ Ragwort
❎ Knotweed
❎ Turnip
❎ Toadflax
❎ Amorphophallus Titanum

actually... now that i think about it it MIGHT be a good idea to make specific in depth books for all the other things i'm writing about as well since my BoS really is that small. maybe i'll turn it into just a general basic knowledge book if anything

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