Man I've been gone for a while! As an update for everyone, I've got a new job! I'm working at the Cincinnati Museum Center (the place that looks a lot like the Hall of Justice) and I'm working at the gift shop connected to the traveling Egyptian Exhibition!

Tarot Tuesday!

How would you guys feel about me doing a livestream later reviewing a couple of tarot decks and doing readings for tips?

It’d start around 8pm if anyone is interested and I’ll post a link.

Hey, trying to get Daily Witchy tips back on track!

Daily Witchy Tip:

Crystal Safety! A lot of you probably already know a lot about how some crystals react to water and light, but did you know that Tigerseye is actually a form of asbestos? It won’t do you any harm so long as it’s sealed and polished but if you ever have a piece crack or crumble, toss it out!

Birthday coming up on the 7th!

Glad I was born on a lucky number~

Me, finally home after hours of plane rides: So tired. Brain sleep time.

My brain: Hey. Hey. Hey. You’re a witch.

Me: Yes, I know this. Shoosh go sleep sleep. Night night time.

Brain: No listen, you’re a Witch.

Me: ?

Brain: Wizard bITCH


Hey @Selkie is the secret Satan thing still going on?

So I’m now addicted to this lil app game called Cookie Run and I gotta invite people to get a special item. It’s got a cute art style and really scratches that itch for a good pattern recognition game, endless runner style. Even if you don’t play, I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up using my link! I just need five people!

Was I just supposed to find out that Crayola dabbles in spirit work my own damn self?

I am a fool for thinking I can walk into a craft store and only buy the One Specific Thing without falling prey to the Siren Calls of the other aisles. If I were a seafaring man I would have crashed ashore, embracing my bounty of yarns and bottles to be consumed by my own hubris.

AND should this be a totally legit gift and something I am alright to honor and accept....

Wh...what do I really do with it?

At least in regards to incorporating it into my practice? Should I leave it offerings? Be looking for more symbolism related to the animal?

So, my dilemma.

From what I understand, being told your Spirit Animal or being 'gifted' one is a huge honor and one that I don't want to take lightly. And since it was given to me by the people that have them as a part of their practice, it's not appropriation. (Except it DOES sort of make me wary of doing so?)

I'm also not quite sure if this individual has the authority to give others outside of their people this sort of honor. Can any Algonquin do this? Or is it left to members of authority?

I ended up speaking with some of them while I was there, learning about their beadwork, wood carvings, etc.

While I was there, I met an elderly man from Tennessee who was a member of the Algonquin people. I was asking him about which woods and tools he preferred to work with.

During our conversation he made a comment of liking my necklace- a choker with a deer skull pendant- as an aside, told me that my Spirit Animal is the Stag.

Thing is, I am VERY white which I let him know.


So, I've sort of kept quiet about this until now, but if anyone is enlightened on the subject I'd like to know-

I attended an Autumnal Solstice ceremony at Serpent Mound in Ohio where local First Nations people (and others who'd traveled from across the US) donned ceremonial garb and did a number of dances and other religious rites to usher in the fall. I had gone mostly to see the mound and purchase locally made items and crystals from the gift shop.


Copy & paste so we can help out one another

What are three types of witchcraft you have the most knowledge in? What are three types of witchcraft you are learning right now? What are three types of witchcraft you would like to learn? This can totally include worship/deity work.

Knowledge - #divination

Learning -

Curious -

Got my first cauldron today! It's going to be great to finally burn herbs and offerings the way that I've wanted to.

Ancient Aliens Bullshit 

Come Monday I'm going to have my Etsy
restocked with more pendulum boards, some brand new witchy earrings, and maybe even some winter holiday themed altar items! Maybe even some witchy ornaments for a tree if you and your family keep with the whole 'kill a tree and decorate its corpse to be displayed in your home' thing!

Trees around where I live have been exploding due to the ice and cold from the snow storm yesterday. Lots of trees are missing branches and limbs now. I’m waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer and see how the trees are doing before going out and asking the spirits if I can use them for wand making. There is a large magnolia branch in the front, a smaller dogwood branch, and multiple oak ones in the back that are usable.

Bonus- my grandparents dog, Muffins, snoozing next to me and keeping me company while I’m on the lookout for spooks~

On the second floor, first door on the left, is a bedroom that ALWAYS has an unnerving aura to it. We stayed in that room as kids and never had anything happen, but it’s as if the unsettling energy is in a semi-liminal space that exists near the doorway and when looking into the room.

Not going to say definitively that it’s a spirit. Like I said, the house is from the 1920’s and the general unsettling feeling could be the old ass wiring and electrical work in the house. But could be.

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