Getting street harassment from the outdoor section of Fred Meyer at night cool cool

So one of the things that I’ve experienced throughout my life is drops of water on or near me when I’m inside. Tonight was the first time someone else witnessed it though!!

My bff was sitting on the couch and witnessed this droplet of water fall from nowhere onto our couch.

Our roof is less than two years old, and we had an inspection when we bought the place. There’s zero water damage in my attic and no moisture on the ceiling.

I always assume this is my guides saying hi. 💜

⏳⏰Daylight savings time alert, y’all⏰⏳

Set your microwave back an hour and be extra careful on the road today. :_gayheart2:

⏳⏰Daylight savings time alert, y’all⏰⏳

Set your microwave back an hour and be extra careful on the road today. :_gayheart2:

Hello and good morning witches!! Just wanted to say that I love this place and you guys and I feel like I’ve made actual friends here which is nice lmao anyway this has been comments from an emotional gay 😅

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New manicure on this plus my fav new shirt again bc I love it. :_skull2:

Lots of little paranormal things happened this week, I’ve just been too exhausted to post about them. 😴

Vaping an Indica strain and doing yoga for my acid reflux at 3:30am so yeah you could say I know how to party 😅

Blahhhh!!!! Today wasn’t terrible but my mental health is poop!! Fatigue too booo. But today was a good Pokémon Go day and I’m keeping up on my symptom journal too~~

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Less than half an hour of grocery shopping and a Safeway employee harasses my qpp about her hair then this guy just FOLLOWS US INTO THE PARKING LOT spewing some real tired old ass harassment like “where’s the party at ladies” just ugh

I want to buy pastries in peace ☹️☹️☹️

Sabrina is so good you guys plz spend your night eating cake and watching it 🙏 :_penta: :_moonfog: (on Netflix thank goodness)

Disabled comments on my IG story bc unsolicited medical advice has been real tedious lately 🙅

Days in a row with extreme fatigue. I can’t make it through the afternoon without spending hours napping. It’s like losing my day.

Here’s hoping today’s med adjustments help! ☹️

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I'm so sorry for spamming everyone but when I get in a creative and productive streak I just get excited. Here are my bottles so far. I'm gonna make more venus type ones.

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