I feel like I've disconnected from this community

Kara and I are watching Cat People from our new Criterion’s 😻

cis people watch some horror films and come away thinking shit like "whoa, it'd be an absolute waking nightmare to have my mind be a prison and my body not a reflection of who i am" and then laugh on the internet at trans people who aren't comfortable in their style yet

burdsite thread on medieval magic 

So. I recently attempted to refill my meds that help me sleep without nightmares due to running out of refills. I sent an electronic request using the clinic's chart system. They denied my request, with no explanation. I tried by phone (automated, natch) and they did NOTHING.

I go to the doctor today and pay $40 plus $7 for parking and just said "hey could I get this refilled" and they did it, without any questions at all.

What the Fuck is wrong with our system of caring for people.

Fate/ Grand Order musings, Gaius Julius Ceasar 

I have consumed the peppermint tea in my Bambi mug

Lewd, Square Enix stream 

Medical Care, Sensor on Body, Joke 

diabetes care, all caps 

Watching Pan’s Labyrinth with @[email protected] . It’s still a masterpiece. It’s still heartbreaking

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