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Hello! I'm Dwarf! I am a bigender (She/He) witch. I'm rather new to this whole mastodon thing, but I'm from tumblr originally. I practice witchcraft and am researching some more traditional practices, but usually create my own spells and the like. I also study chaos magic, practice divination, and highly curious about conjuration. I am also pagan and an animist! Once I move out of my current area, I plan on crafting wands and staves!

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you: he wasn't good enough for me.
me: he was a tater tot. I said see ya later thot

Im gonna make my own divination tool

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Hmm hmm hmm... anyone know of a charm or spell to encourage good weather while traveling? My sister is going to be driving up to New York in a couple weeks to visit her boyfriend, and the weather's been so wacky it's hard to predict and she's asking for a little extra protection.

Big, dark clouds over Akron tonight. Only a little sliver of the sunset can be seen.

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brain: write things
Me: ok what are we gonna write
brain: i don't know write things

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Also! I learned a little bad luck jinx from my uncle last night, though whether or not he believed it was magic is unknown. It came from an inside joke between my dad and him, but it certainly worked! Almost every single time he did the damn thing his target would get a bad roll of the dice, I was impressed tbh

Going to be spending the first day of 2019 creating my magick bullet journal! I finished the weeks through to next year for my mundane one, so now I am gonna make one for my witchy shenanigans to track spells, sigil launches, and other spiritual stuff.

I also plan on using a dream journal, though I may keep that separate.

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