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Hello! I'm Dwarf! I am a bigender (She/He) witch. I'm rather new to this whole mastodon thing, but I'm from tumblr originally. I practice witchcraft and am researching some more traditional practices, but usually create my own spells and the like. I also study chaos magic, practice divination, and highly curious about conjuration. I am also pagan and an animist! Once I move out of my current area, I plan on crafting wands and staves!

Decided to finally get a physical grimoire. I really felt the need to get back in touch with my craft, and I feel like having something I can touch and carry with me is helping with that.

In related news, celtic knots are confusing to draw.

Modern Witch: This is an ancient symbol of protection found in my ancestor's grimoire!
Ye Olde Witch: -frustrated scrawling because the damn quil won't draw an evenly thick line-

I wonder how many 'arcane symbols' used in modern Magick were actually a bored doodle

Good news, whatever it was must have been cleared up
Bad news, they still didn't say what happened. Just that it'd be explained once we got there

Potential danger/fear 

I have decided to experiment with using Full Metal Alchemist style 'transmutation circles' in spell and sigil work

If nothing else, it'll look cool >:3 c

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Grumpy, lonely, tumblr 

Sickness (-) 

On that note though, I wonder what folks would think about 3D printed witchcraft/occult stuff? I know materials matter, but I personally don't think that PLA would have an impact on the functionality of say statues or decorative pieces at least.

The good news: I got a 3D printer! My uncle won one from his work and decided he wasn't as interested in it as he thought he would be so he gave it to me.

The bad news: I have now been sucked into the world of 3D modeling and gods have mercy on my soul this is gonna take some Learning

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Finally getting back to using my bullet journal. I feel bad for dropping it so soon- I'm going to try to make it a habit.

Y'all ever wake up from a dream and have to sit there slightly mind blown, wondering if you just got some metaphysical deets or if it was jyst brain jibberish? Because holy moly, if anything of that dream I just had is legit it would change a lot of how I view certain things...


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You: *through sobs* you can't just call everything a lesbian... please...
Me: *points at seagull flying past* lesbian

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the nfl sucks. ok i know everyone knows that, but THIS is the most important reason of all: no marching band. fake football! fake football!!

It's -2° F without wind chill and I came home to a dead heater

Thank the gods for 24/7 maintenance

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