The good news: I got a 3D printer! My uncle won one from his work and decided he wasn't as interested in it as he thought he would be so he gave it to me.

The bad news: I have now been sucked into the world of 3D modeling and gods have mercy on my soul this is gonna take some Learning


On that note though, I wonder what folks would think about 3D printed witchcraft/occult stuff? I know materials matter, but I personally don't think that PLA would have an impact on the functionality of say statues or decorative pieces at least.

@MountainHomeMagic I dont think it would do anything different because of the material, we live in a modern world so it makes sense to modernize aspects of our craft too right?

That's what I was thinking, honestly. I'm pretty excited about this!

@MountainHomeMagic I bet twenty bucks ye olde vyllage wytche would've used a 3D printer to make stuff if they'd had one.

Decorative stuff would be totally fine, and tbh I feel like something 3D printed would be perfectly functional in magic once you've played with the material a bit and figured out what its strengths and limitations are.

That's a good point! And PLA is actually a plant based plastic if I remember correctly- it's at least biodegradable under the right conditions and renewable so I'm going to experiment with the magical conductivity of the stuff too.

@MountainHomeMagic oh damn that's really cool, I didn't know it was biodegradable!

I hope you report back in because I am super curious to see what turns up, haha.

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