I implied I would make an , so here I am.

I'm Kyra, I'm a PC Pagan for the gods of Arcanum, and a sort-of-henotheist on top of that (that label will change as available words develop).

Primarily, I work with invocation through songs that hit some core of me, and through poetic verse. Sometimes I make charms with tiny envelopes and wax seals.




*endless many tentacled hug that you can't escape from*

@Selkie how. why did i befriend an eldritch monster made of sugar and evil?

@PanariiKyra because I had gossip on some asshole?

Also you're surrounded by punny bastards so you must need to work on your summoning skills.

@Selkie You're the worst. how do I emphasize worst enough. Don't pun at me, it's been a long December and it's only the fifth.

@PanariiKyra No promises.

You've been spared from my PokePuns due to broken stylus, at least.


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