Just finished my last Exam! I feel so relieved. I did a reading and my card of the day is the 2 of Fire :_fire: !

Yesterday my lovely friend gave me an amazing handmade journal and a new tarot deck (The Good Tarot)!! I did a reading with it as well - my card of the day, the Magician. I'm so grateful!

This is a bit of a late update, but for the holidays I got a few new crystals. Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, and Tiger's Eye!

Somehow I managed to pull two cards of the day this morning. Crazy!
🔶 Medusa 🔶 and 🌖 Selene 🌖

Tarot Reading ✨ 

Got a new tarot deck yesterday! It's the Goddess deck, and it is beautiful!

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