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Fun game: getting alt-right chuds all riled up by pointing out that none of the Founding Fathers and none of the first seven presidents were born in the United States.

Going through my verification process for 'is this new deity knocking on my door who they claim to be.'

I'm not signing off on anything if so but holy shit sometimes I feel like the gods are like stray cats.

Feed one, and then they're back the next day with even more cats.

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Heya!! So I have a question for all of those out there working with any of the horned gods, especially Cernunnos but I would love to hear anything you're willing to share!!
How did you fall into working with them and how did you "become aware" of them? And what's it like having them as gods??

I've never felt close to any gods in particular and have a very relaxed relationship to religion but... Idk I feel a connection I think, but I'm very inexperienced with Gods and I'm nervous about it

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St. Patrick was revered for removing the "snakes" from ireland. AKA pagans and druids. I say fuck it, lets celebrate Bacchanalia and praise Bacchus! The snakes never left.

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Hello sudden strong wind!

I should probably fully charge my phone just in case you decide to cut my power!

So it's early yet but so far my project seems to have gone well!

Tl;dr: I've been doing a wholesale cursing, cleansing and shielding of my favorite sports team.

Holy shit I reached into the pantry for olive oil for a project and came out with worchestershire sauce.

That was not only nearly a bungled project, that would've been gross as fuck.

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good morning to all the cute enbies and to the other enbies *reviews notes* oh, there are no other enbies.

Yep, my mom has definitely decided I'm her strange hippie child.

I was like "hey I think all of our towels need to be washed in vinegar because they smell musty and gross when they get wet", so she... bought me a new one because she didn't want to deal with that and it's probably the most hippie looking thing I have ever seen.

(Super soft too lmao.)

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Soooo I made an adhd discord server? And it’s pretty chill and you guys should check it out
It’s not inherently witchy but there are at least three witches in my server currently

I might've ordered another prayer bead set from Hearthfire Handworks, for Apollo this time.

It's citrine and it *might* look like it glows in flash photos.

I might already be planning which one to get next.

(The blue is Nike's and the red is the Morrigan's.)

So, uh.

Theoretically, if an entire sports team was cursed, how would y'all go about breaking it?

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By the way the listings on my Etsy store have been renewed, go check that out if you want some nicely priced crystal pieces ✨

Holy fuck the thing I ordered for my secret Satan match finally came in.

I think it must have gotten held up at customs or some shit but wtf.

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my friend is making a YouTube and Twitch channel and asked if I could help him out with his icon. friendly reminder that I still am accepting 💕

So I prolly won't be able to get a full picture till after my folks have gone to bed but here's a quick sample of the difference in art style.

That's the Emperor on the left, painted by Shakov, and the King of Coins on the right, painted by someone imitating but clearly not actually Shakov, haha. Still pretty though.

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