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Hey, sorry I've been MIA!

Here's a Brigid with her new favorite toy (a softball we found laying around) to make up for it.

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just renewed our domain for another year, so the cafe will be around until 2020 as long as people keep donating to sustain it. thanks to everyone who has helped out so far! my grad student salary appreciates it.

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Tumblr user exsanguinationforfunandprofit (that’s a mouthful) made this and I needed to share

Using some leftover fragrance oils, I've figured out a blend that smells like of one of those chocolate orange candies.

I am unreasonably proud of myself for this.

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Mastadon has been so helpful with my plants - I have a question about my dog.

He barks at everything. Other dogs. Every person. And not like a friendly oh I'm excited bark but a fuck off bark. We've been trying to teach him to not bark for years with little success and it suuuuucks for my stress level.

Any advice? He's too scared of a clicker to train with that. I tried for weeeeeks.

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does anyone know of a seller of botanicals? like flowers mostly, dried. i see a few on etsy but would like support another witch if i can!

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the Earth has given me a gift! I found these shells in the middle of Nebraska today. does anyone know anything about them? I've never found shells in Nebraska before and I'm in awe.

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Tomorrow is Veneralia which is a Roman celebration for Venus

💗 :_gems: 💗 :_gems: 💗

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Trans/NB Tumblr warning Show more

Selkie's dating site adventures(kinda -, mostly humorous) Show more

This is Brigid's blanket now.

I didn't agree to this, but I'm clearly not allowed to use it.

Hockey Show more

a friend's breakup, her bigoted af ex, gloating Show more

Whoops I went to a hockey game and lost my voice

Face on an event program, eye contact, hockey Show more

Me: tries to write 'at the arena'

autocorrect: that makes too much sense. Let me fix that!

Me: sends 'at the Quran' instead

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Body stuff. Body positivity Show more

Makeup, ramblings about changing my style(~), my mom(-)(2/2) Show more

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