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Cleaned chicken coop. Yard is magnificent, we paid the guy up the block to whack our yard and trim everything back, practically nuked it, and everything looks so nice and summery. Found dawg's second football, he's over the moon. Played WoW and got mah Droods up to 120- now the grind for gear. Ordered some new chrome for the scoot: mirrors and exhaust cover, two weeks to bling update! The smells are so amazing, it's a good start to spring.

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Why yes, I did buy the 15' strap kit because IDEK maybe I thought I was going to have to wrap the fucking thing. Turns out a 4' strap set would have been JUST FINE. So I now have a choice - cut these, or keep them for a later big weird project (hmm, like straps across the roof of the shed to keep it from ballooning) and buy a small set.
This is me: "ooh I'm finally saving $10 a month! Hey lets spend $20!"

Got my scoot back from the shop same day and I'm over the MOON.
Seriously, it's been nice moon but now I have SCOOT. C'ya.
Just the promise of improved quality of life; $4 per day in gas down to $1, no struggle for parking at work, lunchtime zoom a treat not a chore. So much better...

I learned how to do this and didn’t need to call a tow to get my baby’s flat replaced and spring service done. 🛵🥳. On my way to pick her up now. 🛵😍

Losing my mind for 2 reasons while watching a soy sauce documentary. 1) the guy keeps saying "now we're going to SHOW YOU" whatever part of the process they're at.
2) I did not know they add mold to a giant tray of steamed beans and leave it to GROW for two days, and then people without masks rake through and stir up massive clouds of mold and bean dust WAAAAAT?!?!

me: WHY am i so FARTY, no idea
also me: *cracks open fresh Kimchi and starts snacking*

me: wow i'm really farty, i wonder waht's going on
also me: *eats another hard boiled egg*

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Yeah, I'm thinking that today I was pragmatically bisexual.

In the news today, local University repeatedly poisoned his co-worker: turns out, yes, he's on campus but affiliated with my former division. Because of course he is, because of course the nasty, shitty, elitist management personalities, who all fostered toxic competition and personality conflicts in a "survival of the fittest" hellscape of misogyny and favoritism created the perfect environment for this shit to happen. Of course. Immediately thought "bet he was in MSD." And YUP!

so i'd only watched the first bit of the video because ROOSTER CROW SO COOL (it was clipped from a full show that i watched) came home to play rooster sound for M8 and - holy FUCK the clip was doctored, after the rooster a car thing and the islamic state flag Wat Da Fakkkkkk so i deleted that and was pretty shocked myself. =(
The BEGIN Japan series on youtube is okay, that clip was isolated and changed by someone else. GAH.

I wish I'd heard of this before the solution broke, I would have been ALL OVER the Erisian theories...

Do bees have nipples?
I mean, I bet no but there's lots of vestigal.. things.. in things...
Do .. okay so some of us have tails, how about vestigal or proto stingers?

So the fucking DSA just voted to endorse Sanders - it's 2 years early and there are a half-dozen candidates on the Dem side but the fucking BernieBros are RABID, apparently. Fuck. is what it's become. Nothing else will stick in anyone's minds except screaming Sanders red-shirts; not the reading groups, the feminist workshops, education and all that shit just right out the fucking window in one bullshit move. Great. Fine. This is fine. I'm out.

I accidentally sprouted some garlic cloves that were in a closed container (what even the fuck, nature) so now they're planted in a container on the front porch.

oh HAH we started and finished last night because I didn't want to stop and the M8 didn't want to stop and - hm, they never binge watch series on netflix, what's IN this? Yeah, it was so good the guy who can't sit still for an hour sat there for four+.

:_cards: I had a packaging failure with my Arcane Bullshit Tarot delivery and despite capitalism, kickstarter, and whatnot.. at least the guy(s) doing it are kind and cool, and will be replacing my items. So my premature bristling can calm the fuck down.
They sent the poster and deck in a tube without putting tape over the plastic plug ends, so the deck bashed one out in transit & freed itself. On the plus side there's a Canadian Post employee who didn't know they needed a deck who has one now.

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Hey, I'm kinda thinking that today I'm feeling absentmindedly bisexual.

Just did a somewhat random hair-dying; bottom layer brown-black, layer above that auburn, left the top layer/crown of head natural.
We'll see. Going for the "burnt out matchstick" look. My hair is freaking bad-waves of chaotic so there won't be any lines, just color peeking through. It will be just.. weird, and probably won't look like a thing. XD

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