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Oh, The Algorythm(tm) never recommended Natalie's work. NEVER. Not once.
I was pointed this way by Kat Blaque, whom I also follow and adore.

I was just introduced to the ContraPoints channel and I am renewed, inspired, energized, and possibly in love but hey... extremely charismatic and genius.

WHEE today i gave my boss the news about the 20th and being out for the following weeks. I need to go to pick up the official paperwork and start the FMLA process, will see the estimate the doctor actually entered soon.
Fighting work today - all the dumb happened, and if our clients want their stuff back they need to do the shipping dance properly. They did not do the shipping dance properly.
Ugh. 9_9 Shipping gods not amused.

Oh man my heart is just smashed. So the car pulls up and i'm hesitant but this kid is very earnest. We're talking, he cries a bit - oh shit, way too real. So I let him in and we walk the back yard - his mom grew food like woah, I let him know we can tell, the back just keeps giving; artichokes, grapes, fennel, garlic, onions, herbs that don't just come up everywhere. So then I'm crying.
I've got his number, he says if we feel anything, drop him a line.
<3 <3
Seriously, my heart. Poor kid.

WOW omg wow OMG!
We live in a house with a sad history; there was a family living here, and the parents lived in the converted garage. There was a fire. They and an older son were killed.
So. We know this. We put out food on the anniversary, and incense and sugar on Dia de los Muertos. Little things. Respect for what happened here.
Another son just came by! He was really apologetic and didn't want to impose but - he feels his family talking to him from time to time, wanted to see the yard.

Woo - doctor talk 

Woo - doctor talk 

This sort of thing - the face cam on me as I enter work - do other people notice this shit or nah?
I saw the change on my first approach, and raised my arm to block my face from the thing from day one. I still do it. I know they have a plate reader and can easily match my plate to my ID picture, I know that's stored in a database.
I'm just.. really fucking angry that they're straight up taking pictures of us entering and NEVER TOLD ANYONE.

This sounds silly but it's not. They're in the 'data collection' phase. Police porting in video and photographic data from all sorts of places. My work has a face level camera trained on drivers as they arrive (!) They didn't announce it to us (!!).
So. Face masks in public time?

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literally the first thing i do at work this morning is get out of my truck and hollar at some dummy to come back and move up FOUR FUCKING FEET into the parking space. the ass of their car sticking out into our one narrow parking aisle - we have 42' trucks that already hate our parking lot, they blow through 2x daily. yo, ppl waaaaat is WRONG with your THINKMEATS?
so now i have coffee. sitting here like a Vogon waiting for someone to arrive that i can yell poetry at.

Did the Twins, Tim & Robert, become Daft Punk?
(also wow did I fall down a YouTube rabbit hole)

So I got the call about results today, as expected, meeting with Doctor set for Friday. No details yet but if they're just going from CT analysis to "meet with your surgeon" then, yeah, welp, yeah.

Okay the long weekend is settled and done. Played a LOT of . Probably get a doctor's call tomorrow. Will have a timeline for the rest of the year after that, I suppose. I'm feeling okay about everything, just impatient I guess.
M8 is back from , sounds like he made a more social weekend of it and caught up with some good friends. =)

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Nothing illustrates #MemorialDay better than this thread on the US Army twitter feed in which US veterans describe how they were maimed, abused, exploited, demeaned, sexually assaulted, betrayed, and permanently harmed.

Content warning.

TIL that Judy Dench played Sally Bowles and I might never be the same.

I'm playing games, learning to stream.
MoonMoon, my Kaijiit Nightblade, is running errands for the Thieves Guild. =D

My partner has gone to a con over the long weekend, so i'm hanging out - going to binge on and this frozen lasagna for two. :_catsleep:
This was a planned vacation thing and i didn't want to bring anything else up before their getaway.
I'm sort of bursting with self- self- whatsis. Sort of self pity but this is exactly what i want to do with myself? so? i'm not complaining?
I'm a little lonelier than i thought i'd be so i'm surprised, i think.

I have a very mercenary opinion on taking from corporations, taking from insurance, and taking from what's left of the government.
They made corporations people, let them pay people to create laws in their favor; they will remove any and all societal benefits for individuals if they can. I'm going to calmly take what I need and keep my time to myself to do what I want.
I expect another 50 years out of this husk, and I want as much ME time as possible.

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