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so i have these old barely worn 2g plugs Show more

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tfw sausage fingers make you accidentally click an ad and you’re immediately salty bc you know the company just made like 10 cents off your blunder.

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Sometimes my in laws actually make me happy. (My other Himalayan salt rock is in storage, glad they got me this one that changes color)

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For all LGTBQI+ people out there: if during this holidays you are feeling badly (because of family, mental health, whatever), my DM's are open.

I don't have to attend any family meetings or anything, so I'm online whenever you need me (GMT although my sleep schedule is flexible).

Boost please!

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Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.
-- William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar"

Kinda upset I can’t celebrate Yule this year. Oh well. There’s always next year

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My molds for the bookmarks came in today. Anyone want a cool bookmark made from resin +dried flowers and probably some miniature gemstones?

Got my 4g howlite, jade, and tigers eye plug today! So excited.

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if you're struggling today, having a rough day or week or month, just feel kinda down- i want you to know i support you and believe in you, you can do this! also pls go get yourself a treat even if thats just coffee today

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Here's a list of things that matter more than your ability to hold a job:

- your mental health
- your physical health
- your heart
- your kindness
- your willingness to listen to others and empathize with them
- your sense of humor (lol)
- your family, blood or chosen
- your creativity
- your morals
- you, as you are

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