Hello all! I am Robin and I have been off and on witch since 2008. I just migrated here from Tumblr and hope to get to know y'all! I still consider myself a newbie witch so I have much to learn. I am a hard polytheist devotee to 11 Gods (Loki, The Morrigan, Persephone, Hekate, Hermes, Dionysos, Apollon, Bast, Sutekh, Anup, and Djehuti (patron is Bast *waves to mother Bast*)). Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of y'all!

@Streampaws wow hello and welcome💕 another Loki’s person 😁😍🥰🤗

@flower_in_the_ashes Thanks for the welcome! Nice to meet another Loki's person. 🦊

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