Happy Day of Silence. I will be signing off social media today. :_candle: :_biflag:

Just so you know: I'm feeling fully bisexual.

Today was stressful but knowing humans have capture a black hole on film is keeping me from getting off the positivity train. My mind goes wild every time I think about it. Humans are cool. :_stars:

Does anyone know how to save a broken succulent? I was picking some dead leaves out of the pot my little succulent was in and it just broke 😢. I’ve been looking online but haven’t found anything helpful for me. I’m also worried it might be sick considering the condition of the stem (now that I can see under the leaves) any advice appreciated!

God I’m not responsible enough to be a plant mom

I designed personalized teacups for some of my friends today based on my perception of them and things that they like. Maybe I'll send some pictures late? I still kinda want to color them

I've decided I just really love sunflowers? Like, a lot? just the aesthetic of them is so nice and then the seeds are yummy and they move toward the sun throughout the day and they're tol and yeller

@Some_Person @AzureKingfisher
Perhaps another thing to be wary of is not to conflate how "useful" you are with the concept of productivity.

We're all fed this image of productivity. Jobs and spreadsheets and meetings, and things which mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

A depressed man who lives alone and paints pictures is not "useful" under modern definitions, but Van Gogh made a huge impact on human culture.

Your value lies in who you are. Not how "useful" you appear to be.

Mmm... you'd better believe that today I was brilliantly bisexual.

“I believe that cats, descended from semi-social or asocial wild cats and having lived domestically with humans for probably less than 3,000 years, have no concept whatever of a rightful hierarchy of social or moral authority. It does not occur to a cat that any other being has any right, other than might, to its obedience, which is offered only out of immediate self-interest or personal affection. Cats are intensely opportunistic, practical anarchists.”

— Ursula K LeGuin

Goodness. This morning I'm feeling primly bisexual.

Why is it so hard for people to care about the planet they live on?!?!?!?

If someone is talking and they say "entitled millennials" I mentally check out from the conversation

Dystopian authors: *write dark fiction to show all the ways the future could go wrong and to expose the flaws in current societies*
Dipshit millionaires: well that? That's actually good and I'm gonna do it in real life

Between you and me, I'm feeling viciously bisexual.

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