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I think a lot of serious astrologers would be happy to tell you that astrology is bullshit—but that also it doesn't matter, because we all need symbolic languages that help us deal with the raging, senseless trash fire that is life.

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tired: computer science
wired: computer séance

Today is the full moon in virgo. I don't normally pay a lot of attention to this kind of astrology unless I'm planning some big spell, but I've noticed myself feeling a greater than usual urge to organise my stuff and make it neat and tidy these past few days, to the extent I have actually thrown out a heap of old files on both my work and personal computers + put stuff neatly in folders so I can find it when I need it! Interesting.

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Am I the only witch who never remembers all the ingredients they need for a spell upfront? Books on witchcraft tell you to have everything prepared so you don't have to interrupt the spell but I just can't ever remember everything, I feel like I'm always getting up and grabbing things from around the house while I'm spellworking lol. (And as nice as it would be to be prepared, I dont actually feel it interferes at all)

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I have a question/dilemma regarding Wicca and deities. Would someone who has experience with deities be willing to help me out a bit and give me an opinion of someone who isn’t so inexperienced? I don’t really know where to ask except here.

I'm thinking of doing some spells for others to nourish myself while giving back to the community. I feel like I have to justify why I don't want to charge for this, but explaining that would take...a while. Just know that not asking for money is self-care for me.

Protection, love, creativity and grief are all things I specialise in dealing with in spellwork. I reserve the right to refuse to do a spell if I'm not comfortable with it or have too much on my plate. DM me if you'd like something

Has anyone ever trimmed a tarot deck? I just saw the Shadowscapes deck trimmed and now I really want to do that to mine but I'm worried about messing it up. Do people just use scissors? or a craft knife? guillotine?

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Weak: Gender everything in your craft.

Freak: everything is multifaceted, just like us. Placing them in a black and white box just limits their power and forces us to place ourselves in boxes too. The universe is literally too powerful to be confined to the human constructs of gender

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