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I'm thinking of doing some spells for others to nourish myself while giving back to the community. I feel like I have to justify why I don't want to charge for this, but explaining that would take...a while. Just know that not asking for money is self-care for me.

Protection, love, creativity and grief are all things I specialise in dealing with in spellwork. I reserve the right to refuse to do a spell if I'm not comfortable with it or have too much on my plate. DM me if you'd like something

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Oh I have just had a great idea!

Would anyone like me to do an ogham casting for them? I can only do them with questions that require a complex answer (anything to do with your purpose in life/future direction is good).

This would allow me to spend more time with my oghams without needing to have big life questions myself lol!

All I ask in return is a coffee or two:

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Last night I fell asleep by candlelight. The candle was slightly too small for its holder so I had improvised with a ring of paper around the base to help jam it in securely.

I was woken up by the faintest of crinkling noises when the flame reached the paper and started to burn through it.

This is what I mean when I say I'm a "light sleeper".

I got round to writing that blog post that was the whole reason I wanted to start my blog, lol. In which I get angry about how self-care has really just become consumerism:

I may be a little bit hypomanic or something. I couldn't sleep last night because I was writing another blog post in my head. Eventually gave up cause it was getting too tangled, but when I woke up today I started writing it again (for reals, not in my head!)

It's on a topic I've been thinking about a lot lately: reverse sympathetic magick or "the law of repulsion". A difficult energy to live with, but powerful.

You've probably seen me rambling on about sidereal astrology quite a bit on here. But not many people actually know what it is.

When I was growing up, I was told my sun sign is Libra. But since getting into astrology I've learnt that if someone had looked up at the sky when I was born, they would have actually seen the sun in Virgo!

Learn more about this little-known branch of astrology in my new blog post:

unsure whether 'normal' people just don't experience these kinds of discomfort, or whether they do but it just doesn't keep them awake

ughhh I think I worked something out about my insomnia (writing this at 2am wooo)

All my doctors think my problem is that I don't get sleepy at the appropriate time (and probably secretly think it's my fault)

But actually I do get *sleepy*, it's just as soon as I lie down to sleep I'm so physically uncomfortable in numerous, ever changing ways that sleep becomes impossible

neck pain, shoulder pain, too hot, too cold, need to pee, need to eat, coughing/sneezing... the list goes on

ughhh feeling really nervous cause I just emailed my landlord asking for permission to have a cat! sooo nervous!

Heyyy witchy friends! My first post is up on my blog! I wanted to write a great big long essay about self care, but didn't have the energy, so instead here's a spell from my grimoire.

I'm thinking about starting a witchy blog again. I already have a bunch of projects like this which I completely fail to maintain lol. But I feel like it'd give me an excuse to write longform about witchcraft stuff which I often want to do but feels weird to do it in a thread on mastodon.

internalized biphobia kinda 

internalized biphobia kinda 

I need my spirituality so badly right now but I can't seem to muster the strength to do anything about it. Like my chronic illness has gotten worse in the past few months and I just don't have the energy or motivation to go deep into myself. Any suggestions?

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it's weird cause it's not like there's even anything objectively wrong with it, it just...irritates me. it feels like that one person who just tries too hard to be friendly and won't stop smiling at you, with teeth and everything

this is not a subtoot of anyone on here btw, it's about someone I work with lol

pet peeve: people who unironically use emojis instead of periods in their sentences. I love emojis, but not. used. like. that.

I was really excited to finally celebrate Samhain this year and in typical fashion crashed the day before and forgot what day it even was... :_catmad:

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I'll tell you a secret. Today, I was ominously bisexual.

This new way of thinking can make small acts very powerful. I just ate a piece of fruit and marveled at how a different person 1000 years ago might have eaten the same fruit. Yesterday I collected acorns and thought about every other person in history who has collected acorns. It's a connection to my ancestors and a celebration of the unchanging parts of nature that humanity has tragically been destroying over the centuries.

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