does anyone have like,,,, a list or somethng of the sorts of all the different practices of witchcrft?? i'm still nt sure of what m doing ^^''

@chilioi witchcraft specifically or paganism more generally?

@hillbillyoracle witchcraft specifically,,, i think,,, the difference between the two is unclear to me,,

@chilioi witchcraft is related to spellcraft and the like, paganism more broadly relates to divination, deity worship, ancestor veneration, spirit work and more.

@hillbillyoracle oooohhhhhhh,, okie so ye s witchcraft specifically!!! and thank u for the clarifiction !!

@chilioi here's a link to a tumblr post of some of the 'types' of witchcraft, I'd recommend looking at them and if any sound cool to you just do some further research to see what really speaks to you

@Caffeinatedwitchy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tthank u !!!! this is very helpful!!!!!!!!

@chilioi glad I could help! I'm still figuring it out myself. If you need anything else at all please ask!

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