I have everything I need to do a creativity inspiration spell, but I'm really nervous about doing it for some reason??? Is it normal to have pre-spell jitters

Reverse shout-out to my downstairs neighbors who were whooping and hollering late last night while I was trying too meditate

Wow, on Imbolc the other day, it was below freezing and harsh outside. Today it was up in the 50s fahrenheit and sunny with a huge blue sky...wow, Brigid's really coming through 💞

Happy Imbolc everybody here up north! ☀️🌱🔥 Doesn't really feel like spring is coming with this polar vortex, but I'll definitely be welcoming the sun today!


this is the third time I've drawn the Tower for my roommate. I know that it's one of his birth cards, but what could be the reason behind it happening three times months apart??

just auditioned for a musical on a whim...might do a luck spell about it now

I was planning on sending out my secret Satan gift today, but Buffalo is about to be hit with 16 inches of snow in one day

haven't been able to find a good place for a protection spell in my room for a while, but then I dug up this! I keep black salt, thumbtacks, and a little piece of obsidian in this little wooden world!

making lemon poppyseed muffins just for lafs, lads

after running an anonymous advice column for the last year, I'm finally doing some real opinion writing for my college newspaper! I hope Brigid, as a goddess of poetry, also likes editorial stuff!

mental health musings 

ahh I want to get my Secret Satan so much fun stuff, but also make it more personal?? hhhh

halfway through decluttering my apartment! the Marie Kondo show has really inspired me to simplify things!

oof rip my wallet. all of my profs want like 6 books, and I'm in 5 classes

So many good things happened today! I got my financial aid back, moved in with some amazing friends, and started my semester off right with some decluttering and cleansing! I hope you all receive what you need and more from the universe! :_heartr:

hnngg I know I'm just being anxious and my bf isn't talking much because he's halfways across the world with his family, but WOW I just don't want to be long distance anymore.

@college_witchling @lyrium @Selkie thank you so much guys! 💞 it was a combo of that and just poor grades that brought my GPA down...just gotta look forward and tell myself that this isn't the end

found out that due to failing a class last semester, I lost all my scholarships. I don't know where to go from here. I'm going to have to transfer, but I'll be leaving behind a whole life that I've built the last three years. anything positive would be appreciated

mental health, bpd diagnosis 

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