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can't cleanse a room without it being clean first...guess I'll have to take a break from finals to try and not live in a pig sty

me: walks by pine tree branches on the ground

me: keep waking you're late to class

my easily distracted pagan brain: hhhnggg Yule decorations. must put in backpack

my director for the script I wrote for my Playwriting class is apparently a druid?? idk if she's gone through like the rite or it part of an order or something? either way, I'm psyched to meet her and learn more!

got myself a jar of the first snowfall of the year, some terrarium ingredients, and back to witchcraft just in time for finals to kick me in the face! let's go witches! 💞

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picked some yew berries from a bush near my apartment. I don't plan on ingesting or burning them (because poison) but does anyone have cool ideas I could use them for? I dedicated them to Brigid, and I feel that she's been pushing me to do more spellwork lately

one of my irl friends is pagan and also works with Brigid! holy shit I'm so excited!!

all I have planned for Samhain today is a walk in the cemetery and some tarot/pendulum reading...wish I could make a proper meal and decorate my altar

went as a genderbent Lord Licorice from Candy Land to the Halloween party

I had a dream last night where a crow flew into my room during a rainstorm, and I shared cake and tea with it before it dropped a small stone in my hand and flew away...thinking it was the Morrigan coming to visit during the full moon

shout-out to lo-fi hip hop beats for single handedly keeping me from spiraling further into depression

my new job has turned one of the most lax days of the week into the busiest...universe I'm gonna need some energy

turning 22 today! i kinda want to get myself either a Himalayan salt lamp or a selenite lamp...idk which though

i just want to go back to the country and be in my family's garden and hang out in the forest...idk how you city witches do it

oof skipping class because I've eaten once in the past 3 days and I'm gonna pass the fuck out soon

making some cinnamon bread full of some good ass intention

the steam coming off of a mug of coffee is so magical :_kofi:

meeting the BF's mom tonight! gonna be a fun time, seeing how I don't speak Turkish, and she doesn't speak English...I'm looking forward to both of us fumbling around on Google translate

I just got a second job! yay I'm so excited to be able to afford some witchy things I've been wanting (also not having to buy groceries on only $40 a month will be nice)

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