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About Me, stuff I'll give CWs for but sometimes love talking about edition:

✊ anarchist / antifa / passionate about politics, social justice, and community building

🔗 kinky, nonmonogamous, critically-thinking submissive

:_trans: gender stuff! complicated body stuff! societal expectations around gender and body stuff! wow.

🧠 mental health struggles (mainly around PDD / depression)

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other interests that i sometimes talk about:

💻 i'm a comp sci student. still learning but about to start a co-op focused around data analysis in january

:_catpet: two cats and a dog live in my house and i love them v much

🎨 lil crafty. don't always know where the borders between witchcraft and general crafts lie

🤓 get Big Nerdy over things, so tend to post a ton about the Thing of The Week and then perhaps never again.

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:_catblob: Hey, I'm James. I'm 26 and I use they pronouns. :_nonbinaryflag: i'm a very lazy secular witch, a soft animist, and a tender queer. i love gestural magic and sigil work and doing magic with found objects. this looks like a really neat platform and i'm excited to get to know you all! :)

literally just clicking through random herbs on the mountain rose herbs website after someone here recommended it and i am learning SO much

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Today's gender is the sound of a kettle boiling.

tumblr purge, weed, melodramatic - 

Dogposting 🐕 

Dogposting 🐕 

practice building thoughts 

thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! :_gayheart2: :_gayheart2: :_gayheart2:

27 years ago today i was born! on a friday the 13th. :)

Really appreciate having the kind of partner who, upon catching me trying to decide what kind of teabags to toss into my bath, immediately offers one of his sleepy time blends for the stress reducing chamomile :_catmelt: :_gayheart2: :_transhearts:

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anyway if you are ever traveling and need to book a hotel, make sure you look on first so you don't accidentally book a hotel where the workers are on strike or where the workers don't have a union at all. and remember, never cross a picket line!

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hello good morning i slept for 13 hours last night and now my bod is stiff what up

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if your application does not have a dark theme, you're officially banned from my cave. light is not allowed in here.

food + 

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hot take, or, as i like to call it, "toasty posty"

politics, hopelessness 

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If you, like me, want the option of auto deleting old toots, 'Forget' seems to do the trick!

You can use faves to tag ones you want kept (viral ones, important conversations, etc), toggle to include or exclude media posts, choose how long you want your untagged toots left up and how many toots back it'll go before it starts doing its thing. #meta #delete

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