Work venting 

Work venting, poop 

Work venting, poop 

I'm always a lil sad that ppl hate crocs and gators so much

How can anyone identify as a capitalist?

The absurdity of the commercial that states "you wouldnt download a car". I guarantee you without a shadow of a doubt I'd download a car. I'd download 500 cars and I dont even drive. I'd donate them or sell some for money. Goddammit I'd download the hell out of a car

Life is short. Dont feel bad about buying your self some silly cute thing and spoiling yourself

I'm pretty sure cats are just forest spirits that allow us to pet them

Literally everyone, regardless of what they identify , is welcomed on this instance and I want to make sure people feel that way. If you dont feel welcomed please let me know what I can do to help

Me: *orders something online*

Me the next day: where THE HECK is my order?????

who would win? my wallet or my desire to buy more skulls? 🤔

some bi moods:
•why are men Like That
• be sexy
•but even sexy men are Like That

My buds I haven't been on in a few days; life has gotten really hectic. Hi again!

After reorganizing, my cat now fits on the bookshelf.

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Artemis is also keen to say hello, and show off the new paint job her best friend Tesla gave her.

bold of you to assume i have a plan for literally anything ever

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