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helllooo i wanna reintroduce myself! my name is Alyce, i'm a beauty & divination witch who's also interested in astrology- loves old & dead things, succulents, cats & midwestern gothic. i love making candles & pretending im good at journaling! i also suffer from a few chronic conditions physically & mentally and pride myself on being a safe place :_moonstars: 🌿

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my aesthetic: creatures of the woods, victorian homes, tea in teacups, honey & maple, golden bronze, cats w all knowing gazes, daggers, unfinished cross stitch & sewing projects, rings so old they're likely haunted, large wooden vanity tables, an offering table for the spirits of my home, extra blankets in the hall closet for when people's lives go wrong and my home is their refuge from the storm

im just in the mood to bake?? im compiling recipes like a mad woman to make when i can

casually puts off showering until my shampoo comes in tomorrow. i cant shower and not get my hair wet 😂 😬

i just want friends who will let me stick my hands in their auras and brush their hair and give them a nice massage to cleanse and relax and feel nice. i just wanna pamper people 😭😭

sigh. i just wanna meet more witchy/spirituality inclined people in my area and get involved. it was hard enough to find groups/info to begin with and everything i did is so heavily wiccan i cant deal

i didnt know my mother in law was coming home today, let alone at that time, but i got the urge to close curtains, lock doors, etc. just lock everything down and off. and then there she was w her shitty dog and all
~ e n e r g y ~

i also made a lil baby fawn, my first ever clay project 🌿

had a nice chat with a woman at work today who recently lost both her parents. it seemed to relieve some of her stress, and thats all i can really hope for

man, i cannot wait to be able to get my nails done again. i am so sick of (genetically) weak, short and fragile nails

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i need to exercise my death work muscles, hmm

honestly all the semi-spiritual massage asmr videos seem like such a dream?? like i wanna spend time w my pals pampering them and cleansing energies w candles burning

sigh. i dunno why people get so heated over games

sometimes i forget i made it out.
i made it out.
i made it.

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though most things in life are temporary, there can still be beauty found in moments not meant to last forever. don't neglect to plant seeds because those flowers will someday wilt. you must nurture that which you wish to see grow and flourish. green leaves will brown and people once very close may drift apart, but the moments in between are what make being human so wonderful. love and be loved. don't fear the end. fear all that you will miss if you remain too afraid to try.

waking up at 10am to start laundry, generally clean up a little, have some tea, get a shower, and wait for the mail is... a lot calmer than i would've expected

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