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helllooo i wanna reintroduce myself! my name is Alyce, i'm a beauty & divination witch who's also interested in astrology- loves old & dead things, succulents, cats & midwestern gothic. i love making candles & pretending im good at journaling! i also suffer from a few chronic conditions physically & mentally and pride myself on being a safe place :_moonstars: 🌿

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my aesthetic: creatures of the woods, victorian homes, tea in teacups, honey & maple, golden bronze, cats w all knowing gazes, daggers, unfinished cross stitch & sewing projects, rings so old they're likely haunted, large wooden vanity tables, an offering table for the spirits of my home, extra blankets in the hall closet for when people's lives go wrong and my home is their refuge from the storm

hey its been a bit!!!
im now hearth-grave on tumblr, and hearthgrave on twitter!

well, now ive gotta figure out how to bribe someone to drive me to get the free window boxes i was offered. its a 30+ minute wak one way and theres 4 boxes 😂 i thought they were closer in town

in short- either everything connects and they effect each other indiscriminately, or they dont at all. and i believe firmly that they do.

so logically and with that in mind, signs on a cusp still have an effect- even if heavily muted. i compare it to rising signs a lot in the sense that rising signs have an effect on how you're perceived. cusps have a similar effect in what traits are most apparent from your sun.

the whole point of astrology is that planets and stars in certain alignments foretell certain traits- in short that these celestial objects have an effect on us at the point of our birth (and beyond). that energy in this universe pushes and pulls through itself and into us.

possibly unpopular opinion thread: cusps are absolutely a thing. ive seen it said that they arent because mathematically you cant be a sign if your sun is in another sign. which, to be fair is true. B U T for example, im a taurus/gemini cusp. so im still a taurus sun.

this can be on etsy, tumblr, an independent website, etc

does anyone know of a seller of botanicals? like flowers mostly, dried. i see a few on etsy but would like support another witch if i can!

i encourage people to talk to a therapist almost constantly, and know i need to as well. but man, im scared.

i've done....a lot of adulting today aaaaaa

i see, am grateful for, and openly receive abundance 🙏

question: what are the basic things one would be expected to have for live readings? i have things on my list like a dedicated space for a set up of a table, proper lighting, and a non distracting background, but is there anything im missing?

man, when my deck said my life card was the 5 of cups, it wasnt fucking around

so, it's pretty decided we need to move. it wont be for a while because we just cant afford it, but man this all sucks.

also i wrote up a post im really proud of but has gotten about one whole like, if you feel like it could you go read it over and maybe even reblog it? feedback would be nice too if you have it!

i just made a couple candles that i mixed fo for and they smell divine??? i can't wait until they're done curing- ones a gift!

i really wish facebook would stop recommending me appropriative af shops and people just bc i like local crystal shops. i really want to have a healthy local metaphysical scene that im part of but it always ends up so problematic :_catsad:

im just in the mood to bake?? im compiling recipes like a mad woman to make when i can

casually puts off showering until my shampoo comes in tomorrow. i cant shower and not get my hair wet 😂 😬

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