the only good thing about being named april is living with the knowledge that my memory haunts my ex for a full 30 days each year.
also aubrey plaza in parks and rec, but that goes without saying.

@lyrium April is a pretty name tbh, i knew someone named November. The first of April is actually a day dedicated to Venus in roman tradition. I had no idea that was your name. My name also starts with an A, its Anna lmao. I'm trying to find nice things to say so u feel good about ur name

@Animalmagic haha thanks for the nice words. i’m so envious of the name november tbh, esp since ppl always ask if i was born in april and yea you know the story there. & there’s that cool poem line “april is the cruelest month” or whatever. gives me the goth bitch vibe i want white dudes to get from me at least
anna is a nice name tho. i really like palindromes. the really chill pentecostal girl in my grad cohort is named anna so i just immediately pictured you in a long blue jean skirt lmfao

@lyrium nooooo jean skirts remind me of the duggars lmao! Also that lady named November was born in November, she was also blind. she was in my college course and actually works for CNIB now (canadian vision loss charity organization) she was definitely super unique and cool.

@Animalmagic @lyrium hi hello my name ALSO starts w an A, AND i have a bjd named November. strange.

@dolldivining @Animalmagic ohhh i have always wanted a bjd! they’re so expensive tho but so pretty, with the just right amount of creepy porcelain doll aesthetic lmao. do you have any photos of her?


@lyrium @Animalmagic heres the most recent!! she has a black wig ive.....very heavily procrastinated on and i still need to have her face repainted!

@dolldivining @Animalmagic she's so pretty!! did you buy her prebuilt or just piece her together yourself? i got so close to buying one last year with my tax return on some website that has really cool customs but my soul wouldn't let me spend that much when i'm still in student debt lmao

@lyrium @Animalmagic she's aaacccttuallyy slightly a moral gray zone haha. she's a recast which some people have a very very high aversion to (and i completely understand why) but she was on sale one day when i found a listing for like $50. knowing how expensive legits are i figured i can always purchase one down the road if i decided i really did enjoy owning them and if didnt i wasnt out $500+ yknow

@lyrium @Animalmagic (should also note i got her probably 3?? years ago and before i fully grasped what recast meant)

@dolldivining i have no idea what that is tbh. guess it’s like bootlegging? i don’t blame you tho dude the legit ones cost as much as a used car. no reason to go broke if you don’t have to.

@lyrium sorta yeah, but its more like making a mold of the doll and then using it to make more. im really torn on the issue myself haha

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