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hi, i'm e:

28 / agender (they/them) / qpoc

i'm mostly here for tarot & other esoterica, though in all likelihood, i will just gush about my gf 🌻

that grade school rhyme about "boys going to jupiter to get more stupider" except agender practitioners petitioning jupiter to manifest more good shit in their life :_candleb:


happy birthday! hope it's a wonderful one 🎂 🌻

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Fyi, interesting note from an accessibility workshop I did recently, apparently screen readers interpret camelcase fairly well (and long lowercase strings of characters without spaces very poorly), so #MakeSureToCapitaliseEachWordInYourHashtagsPlease 💚 :heart_parrot: 💚

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that's a common misconception, frankincense is the name of the essential oil not the doctor

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I'm not sure if anyone would be interested but -

If you're queer or trans and you're depressed/isolated/struggling, DM me your address and I'll send you a postcard.

Mail always cheers me up and I'd like to pass that along to others.

I'll do this for the first 10 or so people who message me. Boosts appreciated.

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the mechanics for SATOR squares tickle me in the same way as the mechanics for diatomaceous pest control 🤗

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