But seriously, can we please stop making the Morrigan a sex goddess? I am no prude, but the Great Queen is not walking battlefields topless and fucking everyone on the winning side. This is my least favorite piece of fakelore about her.

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Listen, I made egg- and dairy-free coconut brownies, and they are fucking delicious.

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Her hollow words
strike sound, re-
sound in the deepest
part of my
breast; and I bear

My cross; an

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The seagulls are back! They (noisily) showed up yesterday.

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I wrote up a little piece on candle magic/spells for beginners. It's super basic, but I'm enjoying doing writings like this, so maybe I'll start getting to some more advanced stuff.

I'm so ready for the light half of the year. SPRING EQUINOX LET'S GO!!!!!!!

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Sometimes I write things and put them on my blog. Today I posted about working with moon phases: foxandchickadee.net/2019/03/wo

Not only am I new, and not only does Mastodon hate all the photos I want to use, I'm also really bad at regularly logging in. Here's to do better!

Mastodon hates all the photos I want to use as avatars and headers, but I'm real, and I'm new in town. ;)

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