we gonna be demon banishing tonight theydies and gentlethems so send good vibes please

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me: im kinda tired of the way that wiccans are depicted in media, we're not all Like That

also me:

im gonna have to start being more active here lmao

someone: you seriously don't believe in magic still

me, hiding my charmed objects: no I'm not a witch haha what

i only have 5 pages left in my grimoire i can't believe I've done this much work in it

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Always aiming for CDE:
Cosmic Dick Energy

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Y’all life’s too short to not do fun things with your hair at home on a Wednesday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what are y'all's plans for the super blood moon? honestly I was considering forgoing a ritual and just using it to recharge but I kinda want to do something special?💫

y'all ever just wanna go like, lay at the base of a solid oak tree and stay there, unmoving, until the moss starts growing on you too?

hi friends!! does anyone have any sigils/quick little rituals for confidence or stage presence, or anything of the like? It's opening night tomorrow night and I'm more nervous than I usually am?

My house is freaking full of spirits and me and my mum were talking about my dad's dad, who sometimes comes to the house. And I'm pretty sure he started pranking my dad by, like, flicking him and making him cold in places. Idk I just found it really funny, spirits really aren't as scary and spooky as people think y'know.

hi friends! can any of y'all recommend a tarot spread that I can use for asking about a career? many thanks!!!💚

gosh this is so funny, why do so many of us have green hair I've literally only met one other person in my life with green hair and I've seen 8 people with green hair in their profile pictures. is it a witch thing, this is wild

doot toot I'm trying to figure this thing out, hi I'm a baby witch please be kind

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