@waterfrog reminded me of how much I love the Spirits podcast so I thought I'd recommend some less famous witchy podcasts i listen to regularly.

Spirits: two best friends, both ladies and one queer, get drunk and dive into mythology and folklore and get spooky and are generally fucking great. Start anywhere.

Which Witch is Which: Two witches do surprisingly thoughtful deep dives into pop culture witches. Lots of fun. I liked the Sanderson Sisters episode and the Craft episode.

Witch Hunt Podcast: The history or the Salem witch trials, presented by a Salem local. She works as a tour guide, actually! I know Aaron Mahnke's History Unobscured covers the same topic but I haven't listened to it, depends on your preference I guess! Start episode 1.

Speaking of Aaron Maknhe Lore is great. One of the more famous ones on here it's sometimes a little dark for me but still great. Under Construction and Beast Within are good starting points.

What The Folklore is fun and weird. A bit rambly sometimes but it's fascinating to hear all the bizarre folk stories from around the world. Steve vs Taco Bell was a good one.

Hex Rated: a group of witches you can tell are good friends chat about their crafts. Tons of fun and always gives me good ideas. Start with their Halloween special.

The Black Tapes is one of my fave fiction podcasts, it's spoooky :)

Forgot about Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities - again not directly witchy but cool.

A Funny Feeling and History Goes Bump are two paranormal podcasts I haven't gotten around to checking out but they sound good.

There are several witch podcasts I keep meaning to listen to, many of them quite famous, but the bulk of my listening is actually educational casts which I maintain are witchy in their own way (stay curious kids) but these the ones I tune into regularly. Hope you find something new!

@hartwitch umm yes??? thank you so much??? Y'all should drop some of your favorite witchy (or non-witchy) podcasts!

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