Any of y'all work with Silvanus? Dude rocked up to my brain uninvited with hugs like a weed dealer at a house party and told me who he was in no uncertain terms. I've never worked with the theoi before bc they have very specific needs I'm not up to providing but I'm not one to avoid exploring a connection. If not Silvanus, does anyone work with Roman gods without Hellenistic worship?

@hartwitch I don't work with Silvanus but he is a Roman god and not a Greek one, and I don't know of anyone who worships Roman gods with a Greek practice... Those are really different.

I'd suggest to look up "religion in ancient Rome" and "Roman reconstructionist polytheism" on Wikipedia for a good starting point.

Good luck in your research!

@Allie yeah I was conflating my terms (oops) but it was my understanding that Roman practices were still fairly structured. Good point though, i should try to find some resources on reconstructionism before i say I can't do it. :)

@hartwitch it happens! Also yeah Roman practices are kinda structured if you follow the reconstructionist way but it seems perhaps easier to me to adapt to a modern life than Hellenismos can be (regarding offerings for example).

Another option is to follow the revivalist way! Since you have a good connection with Silvanus, it may be worth it, after reading up on both ways, to ask him what are his opinions on the subject.

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