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Hi there! I am a 20 years old guy. Call me Leno :_catblob:

I am Chaoist, but I mainly am a Laveyan Satanist with Lilith as my favored deity.
Also, I study and use blood in my spells, mostly sigils, chants or raw energy work. I don't have trouble tagging it if needed.
I don't have anyone to talk about witchcraft so I join online groups like this one. And yeah, I understand my path it's kinda dark. But really I don't have any evil intentions and I hope to help people interested :3

Oh goddess... Is this still going? I love it! ❤️
Hi again!

Would someone make a spell or something for me? I'm VERY bored :c

Just copying it on here because it's really funny / bad words 

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@hemophiliack yep! you give me a topic or a few topics and I put together 9 pictures that correspond to that topic! I have a few examples posted on my ko-fi page

Also... I want to ask. It's actually okay what I did? Like, I feel offended basically for how simply was that idea. Not wanted to start discussion but actually help them.
And also, would someone with more experience confirm how water charging could be amplified like this?

So... The idea consists on setting a the water container and a magnifying glass of some kind aiming from the water to the planet or star in question. The more magnified, the better. And they can put this setup over their planet symbol or another sigil to ward it off.
That's a interesting idea to test I think

I saw a post on another page asking for charging "mars water" or just other planet charging water as one would do it with moon water.
They purposed their idea of put the planet symbol on the container and that's it. When I read this my inner gut went cringy af as if it was offended, even when I never did it before.
I obviously apologized and told them about that idea I thought wasn't going to work, but I come with another idea to help them. (Continues on next toot)

Just asking. Witches on other sites were worried for doing their craft under the blood moon. Am I the only who actually got renewed under it?

About the last toot...

Nope, that page was very... Ammm... Fake.

Blood magic would be fine for now, again

After reading a little seems like my witchcraft is red magic after all... LoL, it was so obvious

Oh... btw...

I'm lately feeling very lonely. I should be anyways, I had been emanating negative energy everywhere. Luckily my house only absorbs moisture. Hehe

But seriously... I feel sad

I'm feeling a little tipsy for drinking after getting back from school. Need to relax myself. Just checking over here if somebody needs help. Have a good night

Scars and Blood 

Sadness and some Self Harm 

Minor NSFW 

Minor NSFW 

Long time since I was on this website. Not posting much anywhere to be honest... I was busy with exams and chilling after it. I miss you all

I know I've been offline this time. Took my time for myself this weekend. Totally worth

coffee and tea
heavy fog
colorful or monochromatic, varies
sunrise and sunset
timeless cafes
Both essential oils and incense
tarot or oracle? Neither
store bought
travel altar or sacred space. It depends

This is a nice idea. But as a chaoist the answers fluctuate a lot, sorry 😅

Hi there! It was a nice day but I did nothing for solstice. First, because it's winter here 😅. Second, I didn't made anything. And also I was so busy with homework. Luckily I wouldn't be that busy for now.

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