Thinking of setting up an Etsy for some digital downloadable Tarot products I have in the works. Anyone have tips or alternatives? I'm looking for something relatively cheap and simple.

@hillbillyoracle tbh i did storenvy just bc they don't take a cut of your sales if they come through your storefront, just the marketplace. and you get to customize it to some extent. you can link etsy and storenvy somehow tho, so a lot of people just use both.

@hillbillyoracle seconding storenvy, waaaay happier with them than etsy. Even when I make sales where they take a small cut (marketplace sales) I still end up on top overall over what I'd walk away with on etsy. The one draw back is you have to make sure you set the shipping price ahead of time (since its downloadable products).

@goodbonestarot I found it pretty confusing to navigate when I tried a while ago. Like it wasn't very userfriendly. How'd you learn to use it?

@hillbillyoracle when you start up the shop page they have that little dialogue box on the sidebar that pops up, Windows 95 Wizard style and I just followed that! It's not nearly as straight forward as etsy for sure but once you figure out where everything is it gets way easier. I think you can get the tutorial to run by accessing the help page but I'd have to look at it again to know for sure

@goodbonestarot I'll try that and see how far I can get! thank you!

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