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I've seen a few people doing this and I'm not new but I wanna do it anyways haha
*to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest u but aren’t in yr profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do same*
The concept of

(this one is broad but I really like the way things look even if it's not my personal aesthetic)
though I'm not very consistent at it haha 😌

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Hello everybody! I'm Be, an agender witch (they/them) and I mostly focus on divination but I'm open to and love learning new things!

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I'm :sparkles_nb: ​PlushPunk​:sparkles_nb: and so can you! Here's what it takes:

🔶 Be ✨soff✨ (gentle with others) but also 💪stronk💪 (willing to stand up for and defend others)
🔶 Always offer a hand up to those in need when possible
🔶 Center the needs of minorities first in all circumstances
🔶 Nazis get ✨paffed✨ in the face

:sparkles_nb:​PlushPunk​:sparkles_nb: is a leaderless movement of radical kindness. If you feel an affinity to it, we welcome you with open arms. :blobhug:

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Today's creature is Namazu from

Theme: Control.

“Today, try not to react impulsively and keep yourself in check. Give consideration to your actions and maintain control over yourself.”

About: Namazu is a giant catfish from Japanese mythology. It is said to live in the mud under Japan and is restrained by the god Kashima with a stone. When Kashima gets distracted and is unable to control Namazu, Namazu proceeds to thrash about and cause violent earthquakes.
#oracle #mastoArt

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dear hackers, why are none of you hacking and deleting student debt records?

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normative life stage theories & developmental timelines presume cisness & straightness (in addition to class privilege, access to which is racially stratified, & ability); the idea that you will have already dated in high school, that you will find a spouse by roughly 26, and that you will spend your thirties raising school-age children is deeply straight.

gay and trans people have experiences of age as a social comparison that are completely unintelligible within heterosexual concepts of time.

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The real question in my mind whenever I make a new friend: do I wanna do the labor of radicalizing them?

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