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found a spare red candle today, DEFINITELY about to dedicate it to persephone. red for persephone, and in the future i’m on the hunt for a black candle for hekate.

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y’all ever just really really love being a witch??????? cause i’m feeling that deeply rn

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me: hmm what should i write about today
the tarot: Death
me: haha cool thanks

@intuitivesunrise i personally have two spirit guides, two deceased relatives who i work with a lot. and it doesn’t feel like spirit work (though granted i’m still learning), because they sought me out to help me on my path. but i want to know what you think!

i’m curious. i’ve seen witches on tumblr who aren’t fond of the idea of spirit guides, or general new age spirituality, and i want to know- what’s your opinion of them?

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🌺🌱🌻 🌱🌺🌱🌾🌱🌿
🌱☘💐🌱🌺🌱🌻 🌱🌻

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since it's our first weekly here's a link to my shop where i have a few things for sale. the crystal storage box i just finished is listed there too now!

preparing a new moon ritual i’m So F r e a k i n g Excited Y’all

i’m doing the thing!

What are three types of witchcraft you have the most knowledge in?
What are three types of witchcraft you are learning right now?
What are three types of witchcraft you would like to learn? This can totally include worship/deity work.

Knowledge: basic tarot, basic astrology, basic sigil magic

Learning: working w/ deity, astral travel, any and all spellwork, desert witchcraft, more tarot, more astro

Curious: literally everything else

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yall i just physically copy and pasted everything from a million pdfs cause i love all of you. It's not super neat and i just separated the sections but you can copy all of this and fix it up as you want.

Please tell me you can see this. There are all sorts of recipes for shampoo, detergent, wood polish etc.

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I had an idea that I discussed with @lyrium. We are going to designated Fridays as the day you can post about your shop or anything you are looking to sell (or buy). I know many of us have small shops and I would like to dedicate a day as an opportunity to display your wares lol. We will be using the hashtag (If you dont like this hashtag, we can work on something else that makes sense to you all!)

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"zombies are just peeled mummies" -justin mcelroy, 2018

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