i did a reading with my spirit guide about creating a daily spiritual ritual and after interpreting it i was wondering like “did i get this right is this what i should do” and i checked my phone

at 11:11


diving headfirst back into a spiritual practice! after MONTHS of nothing, it feels good to connect again 💙

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Clarifications, since I said 'listening' instead of 'reading': It's a book, not a podcast, just fyi. I'm just listening to the audiobook from the library so that's why it said listening 😄(The Overdrive library app is AMAZING btw. Free audio and ebooks ftw!)

Anyway, the book's full title is "The Beginners Guide to Wicca: How to Practice Earth-Centered Spirituality" by Starhawk. Enjoy!

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Sir, that's my emotional support pentagram

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The day after Yule I shall wake with the rising sun and join its scream of defiance because I too shall never be broken by my darkest nights.

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@intuitivesunrise now i’m lighting some candles and running a bath. okay THAT’S better

been too depressed to witch lately, but burned a sigil and im feeling. a little better. trying to connect with the higher ups for yule.

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If commander Riker can understand gender neutral pronouns so can you

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me: i’m a witch i do very serious spells and take my craft very seriously
also me: [lights a candle] hey universe can you make this sleepytime tea make me pass the fuck out like is that a thing

@intuitivesunrise also pulled the world, so. that’s how IM doing

this morning i pulled the wheel of fortune, and today the ex i’ve been sore about lately reached out and we made amends.

a l r i g h t ! ! !

@intuitivesunrise i did a reading with persephone too and yeah i really really am crying. i was told directly to ask them for help and focus on healing and loving myself, things i’ve known i need to do but. have slipped my mind (or i avoid asking anyone ever for help because i hate feeling like a burden). i never expected to have a deity connection like this when i began my journey with witchcraft. i’m so fucking happy right now. 💙

just did a tarot reading with hekate and it resonated with me so deeply that i’m actually crying??? i feel. endlessly blessed rn.

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