apart from the usual litha theme for june, i wanna do this as well!
lgbtq+ witches, please submit things too! i wanna feature y'all!

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retoot if you want to leave society behind and live in the forest like a nature faerie

i keep having dreams about ginger lmao
like going to the supermarket to buy ginger

anyone have any ostara recipes with photos?

i wanna publish some in next month's magazine!

Send your Spring/Rebirth/Ostara themed witchy art, photography & writing to us!

Submission guidelines here:
Email here:
ed[email protected]

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🌱🌸🌱🌱🌱🌱🌻 🌻 🌱
🌱🌱🌻 🌱🌼🌱💐🌱🌼
🌿🌱🌱🌱🌻 🌱🍄🌳🌱

i'm having so much trouble sleeping these days

i just don't get sleepy anymore

i just wanna stay up and work and eat and play games and watch shows and do everything

It's a short month so submissions are open early! Our March deadline is on the 23rd of February so make sure you have enough time to get your things in!
Send us all your witchy photography and art! We're looking for some new poetry as well! Remember, it's a loose theme, so if it doesn't fit that Spring/Ostara vibe, we still want it! Send it all in!

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Some pride flags I tried to make from scans of biology tissues
:ablobpride1: :ablobpride2:

In order, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary and Intersex

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Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

2 days left until my next tattoo appointment

i'm so excited omfg

first official sneak peek of the cover for february's issue!

i'm so excited for february's issue!

hi lovely folks
i have a youtube channel if anyone wants to check it out and subscribe!


i make videos about art, mental illness and mental health, life in the caribbean vlogs, witchcraft, and bullet journal things

this is my latest video:
it's my 2019 bujo set up.

this was my most recent art-type video with a monologue i wrote about failure:

i would really appreciate it if u check it out & subscribe!

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