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A secret that is so secret that absolutely nobody, living or otherwise, knows about it. A secret older than time itself. Yet in the dead of night, when there is no other sound to be heard, no other soul nearby, if you listen hard enough you'll hear hushed whispers about it.

like, what if software were made deliberately chaotic

wouldn't that be cool

do you think @kel would make a good operating system

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People do not “just install Linux” not because they’re too dumb or because they don’t care about their freedom or privacy but because they have brain surgery to perform in the morning and they have three kids. When people get a car, they expect to drive it, not to have to replace the engine.

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"papyrus getting undyne to be friends with frisk by making it into a challenge" and "wander breaking out of jail by being so aggressively buddy-buddy with hater that he blows a hole in the wall" have the same energy

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