morning draw

Homura's draw now, I guess, haha!

deck: Fenestra

music: "Magia" by Kalafina

comment card: reversed Three of Cups. once again my cups are empty

also the Knight of Swords fell out sideways, so make of that what you will

...and the draw is...


morning draw

Loki's draw, nominally? but considering how I've been managing it the last few times, feel like really it's Akemi Homura's draw

deck: Fenestra

music: "Magia" by Kalafina

(I always use this YouTube clip, so I can learn the lyrics phonetically -

comment card: The World

and the draw is...




idly I shuffled and drew a card from my "tarot" deck (really the cards are far too large for easy use) and I drew Alphys

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morning draw, Loki's draw

(haven't been doing an evening draw because I feel like my evening ritual stuff needs retooling)

deck: Fenestra

music: "The Joker and the Thief" by Wolfmother

comment card: reversed King of Cups (huh?)

...and the draw is...

TEMPERANCE (Sakura Kyoko's card!)

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in fact the more women with beards, the easier it'll be for Fenrir to break free

and I think we all want that right?

so fellow women with annoying facial hair...I know it can suck to have a beard

but next time you grumble over shaving, or the pain from getting your face poked at, think of Fenrir, and take heart

annoyance and pain for you, yes, but freedom for this adorable puppy

Loki thanks you

(source -

morning draw. Loki's draw. it's hilarious

let me explain that when I pick a song to play during Loki's draw, I'll _usually_ pick one of a couple songs I already know but occasionally I'll go for some YouTube recommendation instead

that explains the...IRONIC choice today

deck: Fenestra

music: "Death of the God of Light" by Brothers of Metal -

(I was _howling_)

comment card: Two of Swords

...and the draw was...

reversed Ten of Cups! looks like a tense day

maybe the people who are capable of wrestling with the thunderbolt, capable of directing its energies, are always gonna be awful people who do hateful things

even the nicest of them still end up being users, manipulators...sadists

maybe there's no helping it, if you're human


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resuming regular magical duties. time for the morning draw, Loki's draw

deck: Fenestra

music: "Man Human" by Denki Groove (Fenris Club remix) (

...and the draw is...

_reversed_ The Hanged Man. so, he's hanging right way up, which I suppose means he gets whatever the opposite of self-knowledge is. self-delusion, I suppose

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