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at last! I'll be using since it's pretty little long...

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Got the bottle (picture below), and a little travel bag to have my witchy stuff with me in case of vacation. Tested and everything fits inside confortly. I should probably make a little wand, cause mine is too long.
Minerva photobombed the bottle since my bed is her bed too in winter :_catblob:

Carved last rune, feeling tired but satisfied. I decided to postpone the bonding so to collect moon water from the blood moon and use it to finish the wood of the runes. Now it's time to relax for a few minutes and then go buy a nice bottle for the above mentioned collection :_catblob:

Needed a break, studying runes is very tiring! One to go, and take notes about, then I can start carving the last Aett and finally bonding with them. I should finish today, then I'll worrie to make a little bag for them. I know how to sew but I really don't like it, I'm slow and get cramps to my hands, but I got a nice fabric to use and those runes need an home.
Oh, blood moon is coming soon, will this be a good time to make Moon water?

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Today (or yesterday I think), one of my favorite singers published a new song. That made me want to share her with all of you. Her name is Alice Phoebe Lou, you can find her songs on YouTube. I find her music, but especially her voice, to be beautiful and relaxing, and I listen her songs while I'm woodcarving. Hope you like her too! :_catblob:

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Quick question about tarot cards. Sleeves: yes or no?
I'm worried about ruining my brand new cards, but I'm not sure if sleeves will affect them somehow. 🤔

Since so many of you liked the pictures from the museum, I told my sister and she sent me another one. Do you remember my joke about cat's pictures? Well this is a fine coincidence :_witchlaugh:
Still from Vatican museum, Egypt section. In the future I'll go visit and take more pics for all of you too far to do so. Hope this is appreciated and not annoying!

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Woot, my deck is just arrived! Sharing with you all the moment, then I'll proceed to unbox it.
Not gonna spam with pictures now, but if one of you is curious and want more pics, just ask

A little extra information: the pictures were taken at the Vatican museum (in Rome of course), if you were wondering. Have a blessed day! :_catblob:

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