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at last! I'll be using since it's pretty little long...

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Starting today and for the next 4 days, many museums in Rome are free. I went there and took some pictures of old magic artifacts and spells. My sister gave me some of this pictures too, but since she was in a hurry, I wanted better pictures with notes (and better quality too, why not!). Some of this are already on my tumblr but hard to associate with notes.
On a side note: still waiting a response for the bistrot/cocktail bar, but rumours are encouraging... 🤞

Pics on next toot.

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If anyone wants to follow my new blog(since tumblr deleted my last one) it’s until I can get my original blog back or at least my blog name 🧡

Just had the weirdest chat of my life, or maybe I forgot how crazy people can be. Not going to come back to that place anymore I guess. 🤔

I got lucky and I'm having the opportunity to assist to a Wiccan ritual happening just now on second life. Can't say it's appealing for me but yet very interesting! :_catblob:

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