🐍 so i guess quick #introductions, i'm a designer by day and a dork by night who enjoys drawing oc's (esp dnd-related) quite a lot.

doodling while watching the game awards. honestly i'm not good with drawing lingerie so can always use the practice.

#oc #nsfwart #art #mastoart

I'm not sure how many of y'all live on the East Coast or even in America, BUT if you do live/are visiting Virginia Beach, I highly suggest Green Cat smoothie shop. Its all natural and its got a metaphysical aspect to it as well for instance: CRYSTAL BALLS WITH LITERAL CRYSTALS IN THEM. Y'ALL LOOK 🔮 ✨

If I could bottle the amount of energy I have at 8PM so I can save it for 6AM that would be great.
Seriously why am I wide awake in the evening but dragging my feet by noon after two coffees.

So I saw someone post that they were an artist here resently and that made realize "oh hey, so am I." Here's some of my most recent work. I really aspire to be a free lance artist, that way i can focus on my personal craft more without worrying so much about a 9 to 5 job, you know what I mean?

I know everyone is feeling a kind of way about tumblr being dumb so to make everyone feel better...I give you...puppies ❤❤🐶

🐝 hey there, a new witch fleeing tumblr here. Saw the witch café post and thoight it sounded cute, and so far it is! so hi ✋

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