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oops I hopped on a bandwagon, but it was really fun and made me think a little 💕
@witchofthenorse for starting a lovely trend 😘

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i'll use my first post to briefly introduce myself! you may call me Lunelle. i'm new on my journey but it's something that resonates within me and that i want to learn so much more about. i love how positive and healthy the community can be and it encourages me to connect with myself on a deeper level.
i absolutely love plants and this is a picture of all my succulent babies! i also adore anything and everything floral. im 21, and i love being in love and the magic of being alive ♡

when the universe grants you a full moon for your birthday :_moonstars: 💝 I actually had such a good day today. a few more hours until I'm 22!
I miss you all :c ❤️

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I'm debating getting my first tattoo for my birthday. apart of me wants to do it but I'm sorta afraid of it not coming out nice and also it hurting like a mother f'er. but here's what I had in mind! maybe have the flowers look a bit more like stargazer lilies though

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I really don't like how my birthday used to fall on the first day of spring every few years but now it's always off by a day 🙄

hi loves.
im really sorry for being so absent lately, especially as a mod for our community. I feel that it's been very irresponsible for me to have been gone as long as I have, and I do mean it when I say I'm sorry and I do care for you all very much. things have been very difficult for my mental health lately, and nearly everyday is a struggle at this point. I wish it wasn't affecting my attendance at the café, but I'm going to try to be active again. I hope everyone has been okay.

my friend is making a YouTube and Twitch channel and asked if I could help him out with his icon. friendly reminder that I still am accepting 💕

in an effort to cheer myself up I drew from today. I love him so much 💚 he deserved so much better.

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You've never been 'cat on an electric blanket happy.' No one has.

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so I always thought that web toon app that YouTube always advertises was some bull, but they got me with a comic about modern day persephone and hades. so I downloaded the app and I honestly have zero regrets. Lore Olympus is some of the cutest shit I've seen all year

(on a less serious note) anyone ever write a list just so you can cross things off to feel like you've been productive?

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