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oops I hopped on a bandwagon, but it was really fun and made me think a little 💕
@witchofthenorse for starting a lovely trend 😘

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i'll use my first post to briefly introduce myself! you may call me Lunelle. i'm new on my journey but it's something that resonates within me and that i want to learn so much more about. i love how positive and healthy the community can be and it encourages me to connect with myself on a deeper level.
i absolutely love plants and this is a picture of all my succulent babies! i also adore anything and everything floral. im 21, and i love being in love and the magic of being alive ♡

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so I always thought that web toon app that YouTube always advertises was some bull, but they got me with a comic about modern day persephone and hades. so I downloaded the app and I honestly have zero regrets. Lore Olympus is some of the cutest shit I've seen all year

(on a less serious note) anyone ever write a list just so you can cross things off to feel like you've been productive?

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hello I forgot to post the update here but we did in fact adopt the foster cat, on Valentine's day! here are my two boys, Chowder and Cheddar. 🧡

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hey everyone meet Ethan! I'm seeing pokemon talk so I thought I'd share my sleepy son. he is a long boi (or maybe I make him look long bc I'm tiny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
one favorite = one head pat/smooch
one retoot = +1 good night of sleep

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i was talking with @idleDreams a few days ago, and with the server anniversary coming up (in may), we thought it’d be fun to have some small giveaways offered by members here for one another to enter. they mentioned wanting to raffle some more tarot bags they’ve made, and anyone else would be welcome to make and add their own items to a raffle. we could have different winners for as many items as are offered, and holding it in may gives ppl a few months to prepare. thoughts?

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I'm so in love with the art style, the moons, the cat theme, and all the pink! I felt affection for this deck as soon as I saw the box. I have a good feeling about her!
for anyone wondering it's the lovely omens tarot deck! :_catblob:

I am beyond excited! I'm gonna make a separate post showing off this deck but thank you so much to @Pinchofoccult for this absolutely stunning secret Satan gift! my first tarot deck! :_cards: you nailed my aesthetic so well and I'm so grateful. thank you so much, love 💖💖💖

sometimes i forget i made it out.
i made it out.
i made it.

I'm really convinced the universe has my back. my flash drive is super important and I would've forgot it in the computer I was using at my school's library if not for the chair not rolling forward like I wanted. it went on a diagnol and hit the tower my flash drive was plugged into. it's usually in small ways but I appreciate the help that would've otherwise stressed me the hell out 🙏🏻

though most things in life are temporary, there can still be beauty found in moments not meant to last forever. don't neglect to plant seeds because those flowers will someday wilt. you must nurture that which you wish to see grow and flourish. green leaves will brown and people once very close may drift apart, but the moments in between are what make being human so wonderful. love and be loved. don't fear the end. fear all that you will miss if you remain too afraid to try.

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