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hi there.
so I did end up making a Ko-Fi and I'll put the link at the end of this post. for some brief context: I got into a bad head on collision accident going home late last night and I need help affording car repairs. I took plenty of pictures if anyone requires proof. but anything at all would help. I only work part time and I'm a full time college student. I'm offering advice at my tumblr and small art commissions. thank you for reading
:_heartr: :_heartr:

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oops I hopped on a bandwagon, but it was really fun and made me think a little 💕
@witchofthenorse for starting a lovely trend 😘

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i'll use my first post to briefly introduce myself! you may call me Lunelle. i'm new on my journey but it's something that resonates within me and that i want to learn so much more about. i love how positive and healthy the community can be and it encourages me to connect with myself on a deeper level.
i absolutely love plants and this is a picture of all my succulent babies! i also adore anything and everything floral. im 21, and i love being in love and the magic of being alive ♡

professors who assign mandatory oral presentations need to not

i'm glad that there are so many cats here. it makes me feel at home.

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mind you I'm broke as hell but when it comes to the people I care about my bank account can wait. I'm too much of an empath, even when I could DEFINITELY use a paycheck right about now 😅😭

I'm the kind of friend that venmos you $10 to get a burrito when you're depressed 🌯

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self care is knowing it's okay to take a break from being productive to address your mental health. self care is also acknowledging that the legend of korra is a good show 💅🏽

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anyone know a spell to let go of residual romantic emotions because I'm tired as heck of being stuck on the same person. Show more

face lotion update!
lightweight lotion feels heavenly on the face. it's 1am and I'm excited over lotion. being an adult is so surreal

since it's our first weekly here's a link to my shop where i have a few things for sale. the crystal storage box i just finished is listed there too now!

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I do indeed have a shop. I make pendulum/pentacle boards. You can check it out here

@lunelle Or it's an opportunity for cute little jars with floral art and infusions!! My face regime is p simple: manual exfoliant (sugar, olive oil), 1/week chem exfoliant (buy this don't make urself), gentle cleanser (i use a green bottle by cerave), toner (its freal just witch hazel n water spray), water drop moisturizer (hyaluronic acid is a plus) + 3 drops organ/hemp seed/other oil + a serum if i feel like it.

The hylo-acid moisturizer, cleanser, n chem exfoliant can be found on amazon. 1/2

@lunelle But what's really fun is stuff you can make urself!!"

I love making my own scrubs. white sugar, ground rosemary, bit of honey, and olive oil is a great magical start.

Face masks are also easy to make at home. A big big tub of bentonite clay will make LOTS of purifying masks. Honey, olive oil, egg white, and a thick facial moisturizer or night mask can make a great treatment in winter. Pinterest is a gold mine of fun diy masks. Just do a patch test on ur arm first. 2/2

So I saw someone post that they were an artist here resently and that made realize "oh hey, so am I." Here's some of my most recent work. I really aspire to be a free lance artist, that way i can focus on my personal craft more without worrying so much about a 9 to 5 job, you know what I mean?

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