:_moonstars: Hi everyone! :_moonstars:
It's a new year and it makes me really happy that we've all come into it together. We've gotten a lot of new members over the past month and I'm excited to see how we continue to grow and learn from one another.
Given the new year, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask how everyone is liking the Cafe so far? I'd love to hear your comments, concerns, and how us mods can help improve things around here.
I wish you all love, good health and success this year ❤️

@lunelle I love this place on the whole. I think my one concern is it seems like CWs are falling out of use? It'd be nice to at least see a clearer policy on that, maybe have it enforced more. I've noticed I've been drifting away from the instance timeline because of how much stuff people post that's political/not witch related. Which means I'm missing out on discussion that pop up there. But other than that, I love this place and spend a lot of time here.

this is a very good point, and I try to address it whenever I see it. I'm not always online, though.

if you ever see anyone not using a CW when they probably should, please do report the issue so we can handle it. one of us will usually respond immediately

@lunelle the only thing I've thought of in the past is maybe we should all use hashtags more, so if someone is looking for a particular topic or ritual it's easier to find?

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